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Twice's Sana Enters Spotify – Will Release First Solo Digital Cover

Twice has been busy with their Performance Project. Apparently, the project features solo and duo performances of the group. At this point, Momo, Dahyun, and Chaeyoung have already done their part.

Now, Twice's Sana appears to be the next member to have her solo project done. Sana recently released a teaser for her solo music video called 卒業, which translates to Graduate. The teaser lasted for 2 minutes, which features the acapella and original versions of the song.

Twice's Sana Will Be Releasing Her Solo Digital Cover on Spotify

Twice's Sana has been making headlines after the group released the teaser for her first solo digital cover. The teaser starts off with the acapella version of the song, where Sana's angelic voice shines the most. After that, the original background music was heard, which features a relaxing feel.

Apparently, Sana has been accused by haters that she was using autotunes. However, her new solo music video showed how natural her voice really is. Fans also praised Sana for still making efforts on making Japanese songs.

Apparently, Sana was born and raised in Japan and left in 2012 to pursue her dreams of being a K-pop star. She participated in the music survival show called Sixteen. The show was designed to select the founding members of Twice.

Twice Sana

Twice's Sana singing her first digital cover. Pic Credit: TWICE JAPAN OFFICIAL YouTube Channel/YouTube

Momo Rocks the K-Pop World With Her Dazzling Solo Performance

Twice's Momo stuns the K-pop world with her recent solo performance. Apparently, Momo's Performance Project features her dancing skills to Tadow by Masego. Her dance video also covered FKJ and Christopher's Bad.

Fans praised Momo for her duality. Apparently, she's widely known to be one of the clumsiest members of the group. However, she slays when it comes to the dance floor.

At this point, Momo's Performance Project video is about to reach 3 million views in just 3 days. Meanwhile, Sana's new solo music video is currently number 34 on YouTube's trending page. It's about to reach 1 million views with over 15K comments in just 2 days.

Momo Dancing

Momo dancing in her latest solo performance. Pic credit: Twice/YouTube

Twice to Hold an Online Concert for Japanese Fans

It's no secret that Twice is one of the most popular K-pop girl groups in the world today. The group also has a huge fanbase in Japan, especially that some of its members are Japanese. To thank their fans in Japan, Twice decided to hold an online concert for Japanese fans.

The online concert will be called Twice In Wonderland. It's expected to feature some of Twice's Japanese songs. Fans from Japan can now purchase tickets via Ticketboard.

Twice Jeongyeon

Twice's Jeongyeon teased in their upcoming online concert. Pic Credit: TWICE JAPAN OFFICIAL YouTube Channel/YouTube

Meanwhile, the online concert is expected to have special features like the ability to toggle different angles of the camera, which will allow the fans to watch their stans up close. Twice also announced that Jeongyeon will participate with the group in the upcoming online concert.