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Is Blackpink's Jennie Really Dating BigBang's G-Dragon? – Here's YG's Comment About It

Blackpink's Jennie and BigBang's G-Dragon just rocked the K-pop world after reports claimed they were secretly dating. Rumor has it that the two have been in a relationship for almost a year now.

Fans from around the world went crazy after hearing this news. Now, YG Entertainment shared their comments about the rumored relationship

Blackpink's Jennie and BigBang's G-Dragon Dating?

Blackpink's Jennie, who turned 25 last month, has been making headlines recently after reports claimed she's dating BigBang's G-Dragon. However, things went crazier when a report surfaced claiming that the two have been dating for almost a year now. According to the report, the two wanted their relationship to remain private as much as possible

However, it appears that nobody can escape the eyes of the media. The two were reportedly seen on a date at G-Dragon's penthouse. Apparently, the penthouse of G-Dragon has a personal parking lot that also features a private elevator.

Reports claim that Jennie has been using the private elevator to hide her identity from the public. It's also reported that visiting G-Dragon is part of Jennie's daily routine after finishing her activities.

Blackpink Jennie

Blackpink's Jennie on her 25th birthday. Pic Credit: @jennierubyjane/Instagram

YG Entertainment Reacts to Dating Rumors

Allegedly, Jennie's relationship with G-Dragon is one of the biggest secrets of YG Entertainment. It's also believed that Jennie's manager is the one who takes her to G-Dragon's penthouse. Now, the agency is sharing their statement about Jennie and G-Dragon's dating rumors.

"We can not confirm anything about our artists' personal lives," the label stated. "We ask for your understanding." This is contrary to some claims that two persons close to the couple revealed a lot of people in YG already knew about their romance.

BigBang - G-Dragon

BigBang's G-Dragon faces dating rumors with Blackpink's Jennie. Pic Credit: @xxxibgdrgn/Instagram

Will Jennie Have New Projects Like the Others?

Blackpink's Jennie has been busy on her newly-opened YouTube channel. According to her, she'll frequently post vlogs about her private life on the channel. Meanwhile, the other members are busy with their new projects.

One of which is Rosé, who recently got her music video teaser released. Apparently, Roséalready made history before even releasing her upcoming project. She now holds the record for the most viewed solo performance teaser of any artist on YouTube with 40 million views.

Meanwhile, many are waiting for YG entertainment to release solo performances of Jennie and Jisoo as well. Apparently, Lisa already released her solo performance video called LILI's FILM.

Do you think Jennie will reveal her rumored relationship with G-Dragon on her YouTube channel?