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'B&B Rumors: Steffy Forgives Finn – Ends Liam's Delusion?

Bold and the Beautiful: Finn Finnegan - Steffy Forrester - Liam Spencer

Bold and the Beautiful rumors suggest Steffy Forrester and Finn Finnegan's true love will prevail. The couple is currently facing serious marital problems, forcing them to live apart.

But their separation might be short-lived. If rumors are true, 'Sinn' will be back on track soon. How will Liam react to it?

Bold and the Beautiful: Finn Finnegan - Steffy Forrester

Bold and the Beautiful: Finn Not Giving Up on Steffy?

Finn Finnegan is determined to fix his marriage with Steffy Forrester. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say the heartbroken doctor seeks help from his wife's step-brother, RJ Forrester.

Bold and the Beautiful: Finn Finnegan - RJ Forrester

Finn tells RJ he's been so lost ever since Steffy moved out with the kids. He takes responsibility for what transpired with Sheila Carter but thinks Liam Spencer amplifies the conflict.

Finn believes Liam is sabotaging his marriage. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say he vows not to let him make a play for his wife and use the situation to his advantage.

Will Steffy Forgive Finn?

Steffy may have walked out the door, but that doesn't mean her love for Finn is gone. Bold and the Beautiful rumors suggest she will soon give in and forgive her beloved husband.

Perhaps Steffy needs more time to clear her head and accept Finn's explanation. They've been through a lot already, so she'll likely not throw away their marriage just like that.

Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy Forrester

Taylor Hayes also tries to convince her to go home and work things out with Finn. She believes her daughter shouldn't have left her husband.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Taylor advocates for her daughter's marriage. She knows Finn messed up but reminds Steffy that he's devoted to her and loves only her.

Taylor's words seem to get through to Steffy. She flashes to Finn, begging her not to leave him. Will she find it in her heart to finally forgive her husband?

Bold and the Beautiful: Taylor Hayes - Steffy Forrester - Ridge Forrester

Bold and the Beautiful: Liam Faces Heartbreak?

If Steffy Forrester and Finn Finnegan work things out, it'll be a big slap in the face of Liam Spencer. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say he's been very vocal about his feelings for his ex.

Liam openly admits that leaving Steffy was one of the biggest mistakes of his life. He also confirms that he's still very much in love with her and always will be.

Liam regrets letting Steffy slip through his fingers. And now that things are over between him and Hope Logan, there's no stopping him from pursuing her again.

Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy Forrester - Liam Spencer

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers note that Liam wants to live his life with Steffy and Kelly. But does Steffy feel the same way?

Finn is working hard to prove himself to her again. It won't be surprising if she accepts him back and fix their marriage. If so, where does that leave Liam?