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About Us

Showbiz Army is an entertainment website dedicated to bringing the latest news and updates on various reality TV shows, celebrities, movies, music, and more. Our diverse team is composed of well-experienced writers/contributors and they're more than happy to deliver showbiz news at the comfort of your home.

Meet the Staff


Elle Carlson has been a freelance writer for over five years now. She describes herself as someone who lives and breathes reality TV. She has a major in Communication Arts. In her spare time, Elle loves to bond with her chunky American Bully dog.

Flynn Davis is an entertainment news writer for over three years now. He enjoys watching and writing about reality TV shows and TV series. Flynn also loves K-Pop music and enjoys writing about it too. Aside from that, he's also into games and sports. He's definitely an all-around entertainment writer.

Jennifer Hayes is an Industrial Design fresh graduate but her passion is really writing. She's currently working part-time as a contributor in Showbiz Army. She often writes about her favorite TV shows.

Danielle Lee has been writing online for nearly six years now. Aside from entertainment news, he's also into current events and sports news.

If you have other questions or just want to connect with us, visit our Contact page. You can also send an e-mail to [email protected].