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Twice's Momo Looks Stunning In Photoshoot After Releasing Her Solo 'Performance Project'

Twice's Momo is considered one of the sexiest and stunning members of the group. Most of the time, she's praised for her dazzling and powerful dance moves. However, Momo also shines when it comes to photoshoots.

Recently, Twice uploaded several pictures from Momo's photoshoot and it did not disappoint. The set of photos also came from Twice's Performance Project, which features solo and duo performances of the members.

Momo's Sizzling Photoshoot

In an Instagram post, Twice shared a sizzling set of photos of Momo. Twice captioned the post, "Performace Project", stating that the set of photos came from Momo's solo performance. Just minutes after posting Momo's hot photoshoot, fans immediately took to the comments section to cheer for their stan.

"MOMO BEST GIRL", one fan commented on Momo's photoshoot. "Momo is so perfect", another fan added. The photoshoot features Momo's outfits she used from the performance video.


Twice's Momo had a photoshoot after her solo performance. Pic credit: @twicetagram/Instagram

Momo's Solo Performance Is Here

Momo's Performance Project just got released and fans can't get enough of it. The video starts off with Momo doing a sexy freestyle dance to Tadow by Masego. After that, Momo started doing her powerful dance moves to FKJ and Christopher's Bad.

Momo's solo performance is part of Twice's Performance Project. Just minutes after the video was uploaded on YouTube, fans started flooding the comments section with praises from Momo's dance skills.

Twitter is also getting wild from Momo's latest video. Some fans praised her for her duality. Others also commended her for her hard work and dedication to become one of the greatest dancers in today's K-pop industry.

Momo Dancing

Momo dancing in her latest solo performance. Pic credit: Twice/YouTube

Who's Next To Have A Performace Project?

At this point, Momo, Dahyun, and Chaeyoung were the only ones who got their Performance Project done. Recently, Sana was featured in a new music video by Kobukuro. However, it doesn't seem to be a part of Twice's Performance Project.

Twice and JYP have yet to reveal the next member to have a solo performance. However, there are rumors stating that Tzuyu will be the next to perform. Meanwhile, fans can now watch Momo's solo performance below.

Aside from this, fans should also look forward to the latest season of Time To Twice, which features more fun activities inspired by the movie Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.