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'Seeking Sister Wife': Dimitri Snowden Goes Into Hiding After Split From Ashley?

Seeking Sister Wife star Ashley Snowden continues to move on following her split from Dimitri Snowden. The mother of three has been very vocal about her current status, showing resilience after a heartbreak.

But it seems Dimitri is taking a different approach in dealing with their split. While Ashley voices out her thoughts on social media, he remains tight-lipped about the situation.

Seeking Sister Wife: Dimitri Snowden Still on Hiatus Following Split From Ashley Snowden

Dimitri Snowden is still laying low on social media after his shocking split from Ashley Snowden. The Seeking Sister Wife celeb has been surprisingly quiet on Instagram, leaving fans with so many questions.

Shortly after Ashley goes public about their separation, Dimitri goes on a social media purge, deleting all posts on his page. The reality star also changed his profile picture to a photo of his three kids.

It seems Dimitri Snowden has gone into hiding, completely shutting himself off from the online world. This surprised many of his followers as the Seeking Sister Wife star is known for using social media as his platform to express his thoughts.

Seeking Sister Wife: Dimitri Snowden

Pic credit: @dimitrisnowden/Instagram

Ashley Stays Positive Amid Heartbreak

As Dimitri Snowden remains on hiatus, Ashley Snowden has been very active on Instagram. The Seeking Sister Wife star regularly posts on her page, mainly spreading good vibes.

It seems Ashley is doing well, maintaining a positive attitude after the split. She often posts about environmental awareness as well as women's empowerment.

But fans are looking forward to seeing Ashley Snowden give more details about her split from Dimitri Snowden. The two have yet to provide further info as to what caused the breakup.

Ashley did address the separation, though, on Instagram. In a lengthy post, she confirmed that she and Dimitri are over. "My truth, because misinformation is harmful: I'm single and grateful for life," she wrote.

Seeking Sister Wife: Ashley Snowden

Pic credit: @ashleyksnowden/Instagram

Seeking Sister Wife: What's Next for the Couple?

Many are now wondering what's next for Dimitri and Ashley Snowden. The Seeking Sister Wife couple shares three children, so they will likely work on co-parenting.

And while it's true that Dimitri cleared his IG, he didn't get rid of it entirely. The reality star keeps his huge number of followers, so he will likely return to his page soon.

It's unclear if the Snowdens will return to the show in the future. With their current situation, it might not happen anytime soon.

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