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'Seeking Sister Wife': Vanessa Cobbs Breaks Silence Amid Dimitri and Ashley's Abuse Scandal

Seeking Sister Wife alum Vanessa Cobbs broke her silence amid Dimitri and Ashley Snowden's abuse scandal. The former TLC star has been relatively quiet about the polygamous couple as she opted for a peaceful life in Australia.

For months, Vanessa has steered clear of the Snowdens and remained tight-lipped about their controversial split. But the latest abuse claims against Dimitri and Ashley prompted her to finally speak up.

Seeking Sister Wife: Vanessa Cobbs' Cryptic Post

Looks like Vanessa Cobbs has a lot to say about her split from Dimitri and Ashley Snowden. The Seeking Sister Wife star's latest Instagram updates suggest there's more to the story than what fans didn't know about.

And it seems the Snowdens' latest abuse scandal from their new sister wife, Christeline Petersen, was the last straw for Vanessa. Shortly after the news broke, the aspiring actress shared a series of stinging posts, seemingly directed at the couple.

The TLC alum cited several quotes about being a "narcissist," "playing victim," and "enabler." She also pointed out that if a person continues to have problems with everyone they encounter in life, then he/she is most likely the problem.

"Enough. Stop lying to the world and yourselves," Vanessa captioned her post, seemingly referring to Dimitri and Ashley. "Get help. There's no shame in therapy."

Seeking Sister Wife: Vanessa Cobbs

Pic credit: @vanessacobbs/Instagram

Did Vanessa Dodge a Bullet With Dimitri and Ashley Snowden?

Some are now convinced that Vanessa Cobbs managed to save herself from a bigger problem when she parted ways from the Snowdens. In April 2019, the Seeking Sister Wife star announced the split, much to everyone's surprise.

At the time, Vanessa did not go into details as to what led to their breakup. However, she did admit that she "was not being truly honest" with herself going into the marriage.

"I was ignoring my inner guidance which was telling me that I do not belong with them," the Seeking Sister Wife added. Before Vanessa Cobbs could officially become part of the Snowdens' polygamous family, she had to make a number of changes to conform with their practices, including becoming a vegan.

Seeking Sister Wife: Vanessa Cobbs - Dimitri Snowden - Ashley Snowden

Pic credit: @thesnowdenfamily/Instagram

Seeking Sister Wife Couple's Restraining Orders Dissolved

Meanwhile, Dimitri Snowden and his wife, Ashley Snowden managed to avoid the restraining orders from Christeline Petersen. According to reports, a judge dissolved the TRO as both parties presented proof against each other.

Apparently, the judge could not ascertain which side was telling the truth, which resulted in the case being tossed. Last week, it was alleged that Dimitri and Ashley abused their sister wife, Christeline.

The Seeking Sister Wife newbie claimed Dimitri was "physically abusive" towards her, especially during intercourse. Christeline also accused Ashley of physical and verbal abuse. So far, she has yet to address the latest progress in her case.

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