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'B&B' SHOCKING Spoilers: Finn's Birth Father Revealed

 Bold And The Beautiful spoilers reveal the secret of John "Finn" Finnegan's (Tanner Novlan) birth father is out. It turns out it is Jack Finnegan (Ted King), the man who raised him. B&B spoilers for the week of November 15 to 19 tease that Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) will pressure Jack to admit the truth to his wife, Li Finnegan (Naomi Matsuda). Naturally, Jack will not want to let this secret out. Li and Finn have gone their whole life not knowing the truth. Read on for the explosive spoilers.

Bold and the Beautiful - Sheila Carter - Kimberlin Brown

Sheila will demand that Jack tell his wife the truth and Bold And The Beautiful spoilers divulge Jack will cave. He will let Li know he had an affair with Sheila all those years ago. Not only did he cheat, but Sheila became pregnant. Adopting Finn made sense because Jack and Li were unable to conceive a child together. Additionally, Sheila was not capable of raising a baby. How will Li react to Jack's confession on B&B?

Bold and the Beautiful Jack Finnegan Ted King

Bold And The Beautiful – Can Li Forgive Jack?

Jack may believe that adopting Finn was the perfect solution. However, that was a huge secret to keep from his wife for so long. He will admit to the affair and blame it on her long working hours as a physician and that they hardly saw each other. B&B spoilers show that Li will not take the news well.

Bold and the Beautiful - Jack Finnegan - Ted King - Li Finnegan

Li will feel betrayed and heartbroken. She will struggle to understand how Jack kept Finn's parentage from her. Furthermore, he had an affair with Sheila of all people. It was bad enough when Jack admitted he knew Sheila was Finn:s birth mother. The secret that Jack is Finn's father is on a whole other level. Li will be devastated and will give Jack a shocking ultimatum. She will demand that Jack tell Finn the truth.

Finn's Learns The Truth On B&B?

Finn was amazed when he first met Sheila. Even though Finn knows Sheila's twisted past he is still drawn to her. Yet he only recently expressed curiosity about his birth father. Whether Finn wants to know who his birth father is or not, he may soon find out. Bold And The Beautiful spoilers predict Li will put Jack on the spot in front of Finn and Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). Li will ask Finn if he is interested in knowing the identity of his birth father. Jack's wife will also imply she has pertinent information about this.

Bold and the Beautiful Sheila Carter - Kimberlin Brown - Finn - Tanner Novlan

Jack will suffer from anxiety during this exchange. Meanwhile, Li will push him to tell Finn the truth. Will he do it? How will Steffy react? Finn's wife might banish Jack from their lives like she did with Sheila. Jack's secrets are coming back to haunt him on The Bold And The Beautiful.