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'LPBW': Audrey and Jeremy Share First Look at Incredible Water Birth – See Pics

Little People, Big World couple Audrey and Jeremy Roloff shared more details about the "rare" birth of their third child, Radley Knight Roloff. The TLC stars are still in a celebratory mood for the safe arrival of their new son.

Audrey recently opened up about her postpartum pains, a few days after welcoming baby Radley. Now, the mother of three is giving fans a closer look at her actual birthing experience, and it's quite a thrill.

Little People, Big World: Audrey Roloff Shares Glimpse of Water Birth

Audrey Roloff and her husband, Jeremy Roloff, just gave new details about the birth of Radley Knight Roloff. The Little People, Big World parents proudly revealed some key moments of the birthing experience, including the moment they first find out about their child's gender.

Audrey took to her Instagram Stories and revealed she had a water birth at home. She posted several photos from the big day, eager to share her rare birth story.

In one of the photos, Audrey Roloff cries happy tears as she holds baby Radley Knight Roloff in a bathtub filled with water. LPBW star Jeremy Roloff is ever-present, proudly gazing at his wife and new son.

LPBW: Audrey Roloff - Jeremy Roloff - Radley Knight Roloff

Pic credit: Audrey Roloff/Instagram

Moment Jeremy Roloff Finds Out Radley's Gender Melts Hearts

Another shot shows the moment Jeremy Roloff and his wife, Audrey Roloff, learn that it's a baby boy. Audrey said Jeremy excitedly shouted, "It's a BOY!" as soon as he finds out Radley's gender.

The Little People, Big World couple was all smiles as they posed with Radley still in the birth pool. Audrey revealed that she has a lot of "blurry birth photos" on her camera roll, which she hopes to share with everyone soon.

LPBW: Audrey Roloff - Jeremy Roloff - Radley Knight Roloff

Pic credit: Audrey Roloff/Instagram

LPBW: Audrey Nails Home Birth – Up and About in No Time

Audrey Roloff definitely nailed her water birth at home. The birthing choice came as a surprise to her followers, especially since her other two were done at a hospital. The Little People, Big World star was truly a brave mama as she embraced the whole process.

It didn't take long for Audrey to get back up on her feet after birthing Radley Knight Roloff. She shared a mirror selfie just an hour after giving birth.

"The 1 hour postpartum mirror selfie," the LPBW star captioned the snap. "God made our bodies to do miraculous things like bringing life into the world."

LPBW: Audrey Roloff - Radley Knight Roloff

Pic credit: Audrey Roloff/Instagram

Recently, the LPBW mom revealed baby Radley made quite a rare entrance to the world. Audrey said he was born "en caul" or coming out "still inside an intact amniotic sac." It is said that such a case happens in less than 1 in 80,000 births, making Radley extra special.

It's unclear what prompted Audrey Roloff to do a water birth. It is believed that it gives mothers a more relaxing birthing experience, with a shorter labor and less need for pain medication. Also, both parents will feel more present in the whole birth experience, which is the case with the Little People, Big World couple.