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'LPBW': Did Audrey and Jeremy Roloff Welcome Their 3rd Baby?

UPDATE: Audrey and Jeremy Roloff finally welcomed their third child, Radley Knight Roloff. The newest Roloff was born on November 8, 2021, a few days overdue of his original due date (November 5th). Little Radley arrived weighing 9.1 lbs at 21.5 in. Congratulations to the happy couple and welcome to the outside world baby Radley.


Little People, Big World stars Audrey and Jeremy Roloff are ready to expand their family. The official due date was November 5th, 2021. Did Audrey give birth on schedule?

The TLC couple is over the moon as they are expecting to welcome their third child together any minute now, but the couple remains silent on social media, causing anticipation from fans. Did she give birth already? Here's what we know so far.

Little People, Big World: Audrey and Jeremy Roloff Ready For Baby No. 3

Jeremy Roloff, and his wife, Audrey Roloff, are all set to become parents to three adorable kids. The Little People, Big World stars are about to welcome their baby number three any time now, officially making them a family of five.

As of yesterday Audrey was so close to giving birth and is now waiting for labor to kick in. Prior to delivering their new bundle of joy, the couple still has no idea of the gender.

Earlier, Audrey Roloff shared a mirror selfie, showing off her glorious baby bump. The Little People, Big World star was happy to hit her due date as they expected their baby to come out earlier. As of this writing, no word yet on whether or not Audrey has given birth already.

LPBW: Radley Knight Roloff

Pic credit: Audrey Roloff/Instagram

Audrey Handles Third Pregnancy Like a Pro

Audrey Roloff definitely handled her third pregnancy like a pro. Many Little People, Big World fans noted that she seemed more comfortable about it this time around. This is despite her fear of  Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD), a condition she had during her second pregnancy.

"To me baby feels very low also my symphysis pubis dysfunction that came on with Bode around 8 months started much earlier with this babe," Audrey revealed on Instagram. "[Thankfully] I've been able to manage it with being more proactive this pregnancy … hoping it stays manageable during these final weeks and it's not horrible postpartum."

Audrey Roloff also made sure to help her pregnant sister-in-law, Isabel. The LPBW star thanked Jeremy Roloff's wife for helping her out, sharing her knowledge about pregnancy. Both are looking forward to their kids meeting each other.

LPBW: Audrey Roloff

Pic credit: Audrey Roloff/Instagram

LPBW: Excited Grandma Amy Roloff Shows Support

Meanwhile, Amy Roloff couldn't wait to meet her new grandchild. In an Instagram post, Audre Roloff revealed her mother-in-law visited her ahead of going into labor and brought chicken pot pie.

Jeremy's baby is Amy's fifth grandchild and one on the way, bringing the total to six grandchildren. The doting grandma loves to see her family grow, showing her support to all her kids.

It'll be interesting to see Amy Roloff with all her grandchildren. Will the new additions to the family be part of LPBW too? Head back to Showbiz Army for more updates.