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'7 Little Johnstons': Amber Shares Life Updates as an Empty Nester

7 Little Johnstons star Amber Johnston is loving her life as an empty nester. The wife of Trent Johnston recently opened up about what it's like having three of her kids moving out of the house.

When Elizabeth, Anna, and Jonah Johnston got their own places, many assumed the rest of the family will find it hard to adjust with all the space left at home. However, that is not the case at all. Here's why.

7 Little Johnstons: Amber Johnston Reveals What It's Like Without Her Older Kids at Home

Amber Johnston is embracing life as an empty nester. The 7 Little Johnstons mom is so proud that three of her adult kids are now living independently.

Amber and Trent Johnston have always been open about their desire to have their older children move out of the house as soon as possible. They believe this is the best way to teach them independence and take on responsibilities more seriously.

Now that Liz, Jonah, and Anna Johnston moved out of Trent and Amber's residence, a lot of space has been freed up around the house. One fan asked if the 7 Little Johnstons family finds their home "too big" after the three moved out.

Amber Johnston said that's not the case at all. In response, the mother of five claimed it doesn't feel like they leave the house because they still visit quite often.

"Nope. They come home often," the 7 Litle Johnstons celeb revealed. She also shared a group photo with the whole family, posing together outdoors.

7 Little Johnstons: Amber Johnston

Pic credit: 7 Little Johnstons/Instagram

Amber Proud of Her 'Responsible' Kids

Amber Johnston also opened up about how she taught her children to take their responsibilities seriously. The 7 Little Johnstons matriarch admitted that having five kids at home was challenging at first, but she eventually got used to it.

She added that her sons and daughters grew up to be responsible individuals. Amber also said her kids don't need anything in return when they help out around the house.

"Responsibility started at a very young age," Amber Johnston said. "No charts, money, or cleaning lady."

The 7 Little Johnstons star added she and Trent Johnston have always taught them "to take part and work together."

7 Little Johnstons Family

Pic credit: 7 Little Johnstons/Instagram

7 Little Johnstons: Amber's Busy Life on and off Camera

Meanwhile, it seems Amber Johnston has her hands full now more than ever. The 7 Little Johnstons star has been busy working on her studies. Earlier this year, Amber returned to college to further her knowledge.

The wife of Trent Johnston is also busy with her job as a teacher. Amber started her career as an educator earlier this year and seems to nail every aspect of it.

Amber Johnston reiterated that she and her family are always busy with "work, school, and family." They also have a rather hectic schedule filming for 7 Little Johnstons, which is set to return on November 16 for its 10th season.