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'7 Little Johnstons': Amber and Anna Gear Up For Teaching Job – Fans Divided

7 Little Johnstons star Amber Johnston proves that age is just a number when it comes to education. The wife of Trent Johnston is currently back in school to further her knowledge as an educator.

It seems Amber is not the only one pursuing the same career. It turns out her eldest daughter, Anna Johnston, is also studying to become a teacher. Did Amber influence Anna to do it? 

7 Little Johnstons: Amber Johnston Back to School With Anna Johnston

Looks like the Johnstons ladies have their hands full as they begin college life again. 7 Little Johnstons stars Amber, Elizabeth, and Anna Johnston, are all back to school to expand their knowledge even more.

Previously, it was reported that Liz is currently enrolled in Chamberlain College of Nursing. The girlfriend of Brice Bolden is working on becoming a neonatal nurse practitioner when she graduates in 2024.

Aside from Elizabeth, two more 7 Little Johnstons ladies are back to school. Amber Johnston and her daughter, Anna, are both in college, completing their degree in education.

7 Little Johnstons: Amber Johnston - Anna Johnston

Pic credit: @team7lj/Instagram

Amber and Anna Future Teachers

In an Instagram post, Amber Johnston revealed that she and Anna Johnston aim to be "future teachers." The 7 Little Johnstons stars are set on becoming full-fledged educators at the same time.

It seems Anna and Amber are finally on the same page when it comes to their future profession. The two even posed for a photo while busy with their studies.

But some 7 Little Johnstons fans were divided by Anna's supposed choice of career. They doubt that it's what she really wants, suggesting that Amber may have played a role in it.

7 Little Johnstons: Amber Johnston - Anna Johnston - Trent Johnston

Pic credit: @team7lj/Instagram

7 Little Johnstons Fans Think Amber Forces Anna To Become a Teacher

In the past, Amber Johnston has been accused of forcing Anna Johnston to ditch her job at a daycare. Instead, she supposedly wants her to work as a substitute teacher.

Amber insisted that working as a substitute teacher is the better option for her as it provides a more stable income. However, Anna is adamant about working at a daycare, adding that she really enjoys it. 

Many 7 Little Johnstons fans lauded Anna Johnston for standing up for herself at the time. But now, it seems she has a change of heart, and some think it's because of Amber Johnston.

So far, both Anna and Amber have yet to react to such accusations. Despite the negativity thrown their way, it's still good to see the two work side by side to reach their goals.