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'The Family Chantel': Did Angenette and Royal Welcome First Baby Already?

The Family Chantel couple Royal and Angenette Everett are all set to become first-time parents soon. The TLC stars have been preparing for the big day, completing all the necessary stuff their son would need once he arrives.

Angenette's due date is around December, but there's still a chance she'll give birth earlier than that. Here's the latest update on the soon-to-be parents.

The Family Chantel: Angenette and Royal Everett Excited for Baby No. 1

Angenette Everett and her husband, Royal Everett, are all set for the arrival of their first baby together. The Family Chantel couple is inching closer to becoming first-time parents, after almost a year of marriage.

Angenette and Royal are expecting a baby boy around December 2021. They confirmed the good news on Instagram in July, much to everyone's surprise.

This marks the second pregnancy for Angenette and Royal Everett. In the past, she suffered a miscarriage when she was about two weeks pregnant. At the time, Royal doubted that the baby was his, hurting Angenette's feelings.

But now, The Family Chantel celebs have moved on from the painful past and are now looking forward to a happier future with their new son.

The Family Chantel: Angenette Everett - Royal Everette

Pic credit: Angenette Everett/Instagram

Angenette Gushes at Royal's Fatherly Side

Angenette and Royal Everett have been busy gearing up for their son's arrival. The Family Chantel stars have set up his room already and completed most of the stuff he needs.

But Royal seems to be extra hands-on when it comes to preparing for his child's birth. The brother of Chantel Everett showcased his fatherly side when he eagerly assembled his son's stroller ahead of his arrival.

The Family Chantel dad also makes sure to attend to his pregnant wife's needs. In an Instagram post, Angenette gushed at Royal for lovingly massaging her swollen feet. It showed a completely different side of Royal that viewers haven't seen on the show.

The Family Chantel: Angenette Everett - Royal Everette

Pic credit: Angenette Everett/Instagram

The Family Chantel: Angenette and Royal Thriving Away From Limelight?

Meanwhile, fans have been wondering whether or not Royal Everett and his wife, Angenette Everett, will make an appearance on the latest season of The Family Chantel. The couple last appeared on the show during its season 2 and it was nothing short of controversial.

Angenette dealt with a lot of tensions between her mother-in-law, Karen, and her sister-in-law, Chantel. The Everett ladies made it very clear that they have doubts about her even up to the day they got married.

Royal and Angenette skip the new season — and it seems to be the right choice for them. The couple appears happier as they navigate family life away from the cameras.

Fans are now waiting for Angenette and Royal to introduce their child to the world when he arrives in a few weeks' time. Get the latest The Family Chantel updates only on Showbiz Army.