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'B&B' Predictions: Steffy Exposes Sheila to Detective Baker?

Bold And The Beautiful predictions suggest Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) could put the police on Sheila Carter's (Kimberlin Brown) trail. B&B viewers know that Sheila killed her son, John "Finn" Finnegan (Tanner Novlan). Sheila nearly took Steffy's life too. 

Now Steffy is laying in a hospital bed with amnesia. Steffy not only blocked the memories of the horrific shooting, she blocked all memories of Finn and Hayes Finnegan (Piper Harriot) as well. Not to mention that Steffy believes she is still married to Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton).

Steffy's memory loss should come as a relief to Sheila. Yet Sheila is a nervous wreck. B&B spoilers for the week of April 18 to 22 suggest that Sheila will want to finish Steffy off. 

Sheila knows that Steffy's memories can come flooding back. If that happens, Sheila could face life in prison on Bold And The Beautiful.

Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy Forrester - Ridge Forrester - Taylor Hayes - Sheila Carter

Pic credit: CBS

B&B: The Investigation Begins

Steffy's memory loss will not stop the investigation. When Deputy Chief Baker (Dan Martin) first came to question Steffy, Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen) wouldn't allow it. Steffy was not strong enough. Still, Steffy is getting stronger every day despite the amnesia. 

B&B spoilers for the week of April 18 to 22 reveal Baker will get the chance to question Steffy. Sheila will panic when she sees Baker in Steffy's room. Some of Steffy's memories could return while she is being questioned.

Bold and the Beautiful: Detective Baker

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Baker will want to determine if the shooting was random or if Steffy and Finn were targeted. Steffy may unwittingly point a finger at Sheila. Ms. Carter will insert herself in Baker's interrogation. Sheila may attempt to stop the questioning under the pretext of concern for Steffy. 

The sociopath may bring up her training as a nurse to say Steffy should not be stressed by the investigation. When Sheila is backed into a corner, she is her own worst enemy on Bold And The Beautiful.

Will Sheila Raise Suspicions on Bold and the Beautiful?

Sheila has been a constant presence at the hospital since Steffy was admitted. Even though Taylor defended her right to be there, it is strange. Also, Baker was surprised to learn that Sheila was Finn's birth mother. 

Bold and the Beautiful: Sheila Carter

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Now Sheila will put herself in the middle of Baker's visit to question Steffy. Baker may find Sheila's behavior alarming. Given that Sheila has an extensive criminal history, she may become a suspect.

Steffy could let a vital clue slip. Yet it is more likely that Sheila will say or do something to indict herself. Even if she doesn't, Steffy's memories will eventually return. What if Baker's questioning sparks Steffy's memory? Sheila may soon find herself behind bars on The Bold And The Beautiful.