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'Y&R' Spoilers: Ashland Eases Victoria's Guilt – Lies About Rey's Accident?

Young And The Restless spoilers understand that Victoria Newman Locke (Amelia Heinle) feels guilty. Victoria blames herself for the death of Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso). 

Victoria was an emotional wreck when she took a drive to clear her head. All of a sudden, Victoria saw headlights coming at her. She swerved and hit a tree. The other car tried to avoid hitting Victoria, but sideswiped Ashland Locke's (Robert Newman) car. Rey was the other driver. His car rolled over into a ditch, and Rey lost his life.

Ashland claimed he was worried about Victoria, so he followed her. After the crash, Ashland managed to free himself from his car just in time to save Victoria from a burning vehicle. 

Locke found a cabin and took Victoria there. Victoria insisted on knowing the details of the accident. Ashland admitted that Rey died in the crash. 

Victoria blamed herself. However, Ashland kept insisting that Victoria was not to blame. Y&R spoilers for the week tease that Ashland will tell Victor that he still loves Victoria. So is Ashland lying about the accident to protect Victoria on Young And The Restless?

Young and the Restless: Ashland Locke - Victoria Newman

Pic credit: CBS

Y&R: Did Victoria Cause the Crash?

Ashland knows a thing or two about lying. He claimed that Rey was driving erratically and veered into her lane. Yet it was so foggy that Victoria did not notice Rey's car until it was almost upon her. 

How could Ashland see so well when he was driving behind Victoria? Not to mention that Sharon Newman Rosales (Sharon Case) and Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan) had a full conversation about what a careful driver Rey is. So it makes no sense that Rey would be so careless behind the wheel.

Ashland could feel guilty about everything that he put Victoria through. Perhaps Ashland lied to spare Victoria from the guilt of killing Rey. After all, Victoria was driving while wiping tears from her eyes and talking to her mother on speakerphone. Victoria may very well be the cause of the crash on Young And The Restless.

Young and the Restless: Victoria Newman

Pic credit: CBS

Will Ashland Be Caught in Another Lie on Young and the Restless?

Ashland is an opportunist, and he may be taking advantage of Rey's death. Rey can't dispute Ashland's version of the events. However, there will be an investigation. 

Y&R spoilers for the week of April 25 to 29 tease that Chance Chancellor (Conner Floyd) will make a shocking discovery. Perhaps Chance will find proof that Victoria caused the crash. So Ashland would be caught in another big lie.

Young and the Restless: Ashland Locke

Pic credit: CBS

There is also the possibility that Ashland caused the crash. Y&R spoilers for the week note that Victor will accuse Locke of causing the crash so he can play the hero. 

Of course, Ashland will deny it. It is more likely that Ashland knows Victoria has been hurt so much. Locke may be lying to protect Victoria from more pain on The Young And The Restless.