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Annika Noelle Talks Second Miscarriage – Thankful for This 'B&B' Co-Star?

Bold and the Beautiful: Hope Logan

Bold and the Beautiful star Annika Noelle commemorated this year's Mother's Day by inspiring other moms. The Hope Logan portrayer looked back at a painful chapter in her life, which touched many of her followers.

Bold and the Beautiful: Hope Logan

Bold and the Beautiful: Annika's Journey Through Heartbreak

In an Instagram post, Annika Noelle reminisced about a heartbreaking loss just in time for Mother's Day. The Bold and the Beautiful star thanked the platform that allowed her to share her story with the public in 2021.

"I will always be grateful to @glamourmag for allowing me to share my story," Annika captioned the post. "I see you, mamas. Let today be whatever it needs to be for you."

Bold and the Beautiful: Annika Noelle

In her emotional article in 2021, Annika talked about the time she found out that she lost her second child.

"I'm sorry there doesn't seem to be a heartbeat. And just like that, I had lost my second child in a matter of months," the Bold and the Beautiful actress recalled.

Bold and the Beautiful: Hope Logan

Annika Noelle revealed that her road to pregnancy was tough. She got pregnant with a baby girl for the first time but received troubling progesterone results. She eventually lost the unborn child at ten weeks and had to get a D&C.

Bold and the Beautiful: Hope Logan


After some time, Annika became pregnant again. Sadly, she lost a baby boy at eight weeks. The Bold and the Beautiful actress continued to film, and no one knew what she had gone through at the time.

Bold and the Beautiful: Hope Logan

Annika Grateful for This Co-Star?

Annika Noelle may have lost her unborn children in real life, but she gets to be a mother to her Bold and the Beautiful co-star Henry Samiri.

The actress shared an appreciation post for the Douglas portrayer, expressing her gratitude for playing the young boy's TV mom.

Bold and the Beautiful: Annika Noelle

"I am so grateful to play @henrysamiris TV mom," she wrote. "What an amazing gift to watch you & your talents continue to grow throughout the years. I am blessed to know you."

Currently, Douglas is away with Thomas, which breaks Hope's heart. Fans are hoping to see the adorable family reunite again soon.

Bold and the Beautiful: Hope Logan

Moving Forward With Hope?

As Annika Noelle embraces her painful loss, she moves forward with positivity. The Bold and the Beautiful star keeps herself focused on playing her character, Hope Logan.

Bold and the Beautiful: Annika Noelle - Scott Clifton

In fact, her hard work paid off, as she was recently nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress at the 51st Daytime Emmy Awards.

Annika revealed she wanted to show Hope's "evolution from a girl into a woman" when picking out the scenes to submit.