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'Bold and the Beautiful' Star Annika Noelle Breaks Silence After Miscarriage Reveal

Bold and the Beautiful star Annika Noelle was moved by her fans' overwhelming support after opening up about her tragic miscarriage. The CBS actress couldn't help but feel grateful for the amount of love and positivity she gets, making it more comfortable for her to discuss such a sensitive moment in her life.

B&B Star Annika Noelle Thanks Fans for Overwhelming Support After Miscarriage Reveal

Annika Noelle is grateful to her fans for their overwhelming support after revealing the lowest point of her life. Last week, the Bold and the Beautiful star made an emotional confession about two pregnancy losses.

Annika first lost her baby girl at ten weeks while busy filming as Hope Logan on B&B. After some time, she became pregnant again. Unfortunately, it also ended in a miscarriage. She lost her baby boy at eight weeks.

Annika Noelle revealed that she did not tell anyone on set about what she had gone through. Looking back, she wished she had shared her experience with her Bold and the Beautiful family.

But now, Annika has found the courage to discuss the topic openly. She recently wrote Losing a Child in the Limelight for Glamour magazine, and the fans' reception to it was nothing short of touching.

Bold and the Beautiful: Annika Noelle

Pic credit: Annika Noelle/Instagram

Annika Shows Support to Those Suffer Same Fate

Many have expressed their support for Annika Noelle after she shared about losing her unborn babies. The Bold and the Beautiful celeb took to Instagram and thanked everyone who showered her with positive thoughts.

"Thank you so much for the outpouring of love and support," Annika wrote. "This was not an easy story to share, but I did so in the hopes of helping others experiencing the same."

Bold and the Beautiful: Annika Noelle

Pic credit: Annika Noelle/Instagram

Bold and the Beautiful Star Stays Positive

Annika Noelle assured her followers that she read every single message they sent her and appreciated all of them. The Bold and the Beautiful star also expressed her support to those who went through the same experiences.

Annika admitted that she wants to keep her personal life private as much as possible. However, she decided to share her story in hopes that it might help other women out there.

"This is not a club we asked to be a part of, but I have felt so nurtured and supported by everyone's voice and strength," she added. "I see you. I hear you. I grieve with you. Sending you all my love, ~ A."

Check out Annika Noelle's piece here. Be sure to check back with Showbiz Army for more updates.