90 Day Fiance: Omar Albakour - Avery Mills
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'90 Day Fiance': Avery Mills Gives Omar Albakour a Surprise of a Lifetime

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90 Day Fiance alum Avery Mills just dropped a major surprise for Omar Albakour. The former cheerleader went the extra mile to make her husband's big day extra special.

Avery documented her surprise for Omar and shared it online. But what's more interesting are the details she shared about her Syrian husband's personal life before meeting her. Check them out below.

90 Day Fiance: Avery Mills Surprises Omar Albakour With First-Ever Birthday Party

Avery Mills pulled off the most memorable birthday party for Omar Albakour. The 90 Day Fiance sweetheart goes all out in treating her husband like a king as he turns 28.

Avery secretly made preparations for Omar's surprise birthday bash. The TLC celeb teamed up with their friends and family members, including her husband's sisters in Syria and Canada.

Avery Mills kicked off the celebration with a fun horseback riding experience for Omar Albakour. The reality star revealed her husband has always been fond of horses even as a child.

90 Day Fiance: Omar Albakour - Avery Mills
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Avery and Family Nailed Omar's Surprise Presents

The surprise for Omar Albakour doesn't end there. Avery Mills set up a simple get-together at home, complete with delicious food and colorful balloons.

To make it extra special, the 90 Day Fiance star got Omar a customized gym-themed birthday cake. Avery and her accomplices also went to TJ Maxx for their presents.

90 Day Fiance: Omar Albakour - Avery Mills
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These include Calvin Klein shorts, shirts, deodorant, soap, tumbler, and his ultimate favorite, nail clippers. The 90 Day Fiance celeb revealed they only spent $70 for all the gifts, noting that "it's the thought that counts."

Omar Albakour was clearly surprised when he arrived home and was welcomed with a bunch of balloons in the doorway and birthday cheers from everyone. The aspiring dentist said he didn't expect it at all and that the whole experience "blushed" him.

90 Day Fiance: Omar Didn't Know His Actual Birthday?

It seems the epic birthday surprise for Omar Albakour was a piece of cake for Avery Mills. The 90 Day Fiance star said it's super easy because her husband doesn't know the actual date of his birth.

Avery revealed that Omar has never celebrated it before, adding that he didn't know his real birthdate for a long time. It is common for people in the Middle East to have a "government official birthday" or the day when they registered in the system.

90 Day Fiance: Omar Albakour - Avery Mills
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The 90 Day Fiance alum added that Omar Albakour thinks his birthday is January, which is when he was registered as a child. However, Avery Mills revealed that her husband's real birthdate is August 1st.

Omar has never celebrated his birthday before, so Avery decided it's the best time for him to experience it for the first time. And it seems she succeeded in surprising her spouse as he's very happy and touched by her gestures.

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