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'90 Day Fiance': Avery Mills Enjoys Life in Medical Field – What Is Her Job?

90 Day Fiance alum Avery Mills is one step closer to fulfilling her goals. The wife of Omar Albakour proudly revealed that she's progressing quite well in her studies, which many find impressive.

Avery has been keeping herself busy in the medical field — both academically and professionally. Here's what's she's been up to lately.

90 Day Fiance: Avery Mills on the Right Track for Success?

Looks like Avery Mills is following in Omar Albakour's footsteps. The 90 Day Fiance celeb seems to be inspired by her husband's achievements as a future dentist.

Previously, Avery revealed that she's in college, studying healthcare management. The TLC celeb is working hard to complete her degree, and she seems to be doing well with it.

In an Instagram post, Avery Mills revealed that she's going to graduate next year. The reality star is looking forward to finishing her studies and starting a medical field career.

90 Day Fiance: Avery Mills - Omar Albakour

Pic credit: @o.m.a.ver.y

Avery Proudly Reveals Role in Medical Field

But before officially getting her degree in healthcare management, Avery Mills is already honing her skills. The 90 Day Fiance celeb revealed that she's currently working as a certified management assistant at a rheumatology office, and she's loving it.

It seems Avery took the opportunity in preparation for bigger things when she finishes school next year. "Love working in the medical field," Omar Albakour's wife said. "A step in the right direction for when I graduate next year."

90 Day Fiance: Avery Mills

Pic credit: @javerysjourney/Instagram

90 Day Fiance Star Hopes to Work With Omar Albakour

Earlier this year, Avery Mills showed interest in working alongside Omar Albakour. The 90 Day Fiance star previously revealed that she hopes to help her husband run his own dental clinic.

The idea isn't farfetched at all, considering the couple's dedication and hard work. Not to mention the milestones they hit recently.

In May, Avery Mills proudly announced that Omar Albakour passed the INBDE [Integrated National Board Dental Examination] for Dentistry almost two months after moving into America.

The Syrian native now only needs to do two years of college before becoming a general dentist in the country. It'll be interesting to see Avery and Omar's future in the medical field.

Unfortunately for fans, they won't be seeing them back on TV. The couple confirmed that they have no plans of returning on the hit TLC franchise. It seems to be a smart move for the fan favorites. With all the drama and controversies of being on the show, it isn't surprising if they opt-out for good.

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