Counting On: Anna Duggar
Counting On: Anna Duggar

Counting On: Will Anna Follow Into Sisters' Footsteps and Divorce Josh?

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Counting On star Anna Duggar has been silent on social media since the child porn arrest of her husband, Josh Duggar. It appears that Anna won't open up about her husband's arrest anytime soon. However, reports claimed that she's siding with her husband amid his case.

Reports claimed that Anna believes her husband is innocent. However, fans think that she's just going through a lot and is having a hard time thinking about her next steps.

Anna is currently pregnant with her seventh child, and it's only a few months before she gives birth. Fans think she should let go and divorce her husband, similar to what her sisters did.

Counting On: Will Anna Divorce Josh?

It's been months since Counting On star Josh Duggar's child porn arrest happened. However, none of the Duggars have yet to take action against Josh for his actions. Some of the Duggars only said that they're "saddened" and "hope for justice to be served."

Meanwhile, some fans want Josh's wife, Anna Duggar, to take legal action against her disgraced husband. It's no secret that Josh committed admitted to cheating on his wife in the past.

Since then, fans have been encouraging Anna to leave Josh. Fans also think that it's possible as two of Anna's sisters reportedly filed for divorce from their husbands. Despite that, they were still embraced by their family. 

However, it appears that divorce won't be an option for Anna anytime soon as she continues to support her husband.

Counting On: Anna Duggar - Josh Duggar
Pic Credit: @annaduggar/Instagram

Anna Sides With Josh?

Counting On star Anna Duggar is reportedly siding with Josh Duggar amid his child porn case. However, it wasn't a shocker to some fans as they know that Anna is one of his biggest supporters.

Despite his cheating scandal in 2015, Anna remains loyal and committed to their marriage. It's also believed that Anna needs Josh now more than ever as she's about to give birth to their seventh child.

Counting On: Anna Duggar - Josh Duggar - Kids
Pic Credit: @annaduggar/Instagram

Counting On: Amy King Wants Anna To Wake Up

Counting On star Amy King doesn't back down on Josh Duggar's child porn case. She's been very vocal on social media and has shared shady posts about Josh and Anna Duggar.

Fans think that Amy wants Anna to wake up from reality and end her marriage with Josh. Amy has also expressed her disgust towards Josh, and she wants him to get punished for his actions. At this point, the Duggars have yet to share an update regarding Josh's ongoing child porn case.

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