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'7 Little Johnstons: Joose Jeskanen Shares Glimpse of Simple Life Away From Spotlight

7 Little Johnstons newcomer Joose Jeskanen easily won the hearts of the Johnston family and their fans as well. The foreign exchange student was definitely an instant hit, getting more attention on social media.

He may look comfortable enough to be in the public eye, but Joose is just a typical teenage boy back home. Now that he's back in his home country, he's showing his supporters what his daily life looks like.

7 Little Johnstons: Joose Jeskanen Back to His Normal Life in Finland

Joose Jeskanen seems to have adjusted back to his normal life in Finland. The 7 Little Johnstons houseguest returned home in January after his three-month stay at Amber and Trent Johnston's home.

Recently, Joose took to Instagram and updated fans with his life back home. The foreign exchange student appears to enjoy his simple lifestyle in his hometown.

The 7 Little Johnstons cast member shared a video he took while walking on a snow-covered trail outside his home. Joose Jeskanen also showed his adorable dog, who also enjoyed the morning walk.

It's clear that Joose is just a typical teenager back home. Despite his international fame, he remains humble and never forgets his roots.

7 Little Johnstons: Joose Jeskanen

Pic Credit: Joose Jeskanen/Instagram

Joose to Return on Season 11?

Recently, it has been revealed that 7 Little Johnstons wrapped up filming for its 11th season. Anna and Emma Johnston were first to confirm the good news, followed by Amber and Trent.

Many are now wondering if Joose Jeskanen will be back on the show too. Last season's finale featured the Johnstons agreeing to host him for three months.

Now, it is expected that viewers will get to know him more on 7 Little Johnstons Season 11. Apparently, Joose Jeskanen already filmed several scenes with the family before he returned to Finland.

It was also reported that the Finnish boy will play a "prominent role in the series." He also had several episodes already written about him on the show.

7 Little Johnstons: Joose Jeskanen

Pic Credit: Joose Jeskanen/Instagram

7 Little Johnstons Family To Reunite With Him Soon

Meanwhile, Amber and Trent Johnston, along with their kids — Elizabeth, Anna, Jonah, Emma, and Alex — are set to reunite with Joose Jeskanen soon. The 7 Little Johnstons family plans to fly all the way to Finland this summer to see Joose and meet his family.

Fans are looking forward to the said reunion, but no one is more excited than Emma Johnston. The youngest daughter of Amber and Trent formed a strong bond with Joose despite only knowing him for a few months.

Joose Jeskanen not only gets along well with Emma Johnston. He also has a good relationship with the rest of the 7 Little Johnstons siblings. It'll be interesting to see him reunite with the family in Finland.

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