Young and the Restless: Sally Spectra - Adam Newman
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'Y&R' Week Ahead Spoilers: Adam's Ringless Proposal – Daniel Is Back?

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Here is a peek at what is happening on The Young and the Restless for the week of November 21 to 25.

Adam Proposes to Sally

Adam Newman just couldn't move on from Sally Spectra. Y&R spoilers for the week tease that he will find it hard to accept that the redhead has chosen his brother, Nick Newman.

A drunk Adam will see the couple on a romantic date. Just as they're about to leave, he beelines over to them and asks for a private moment with Sally.

Young and the Restless spoilers for November 21 to 25 reveal Adam will make a bold move on Sally. In his last-ditch effort to win her back, he will pop the big question. The proposal came out of the blue. Adam doesn't even have a ring to give Sally. Will she accept or reject his love?

Young and the Restless: Sally Spectra - Adam Newman - Nick Newman
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Thanksgiving in Genoa City

Genoa City will be in a festive mood on Thanksgiving. Young and the Restless spoilers for the week indicate some nice family moments and drama.

The Abbotts will gather at the mansion with a special guest. Kyle Abbott will extend an invitation to his mom, Diane Jenkins, which she gladly accepts. Y&R spoilers imply that Diane will do her best to behave during the family shindig, but Ashley Abbott will make it hard for her.

Apparently, Ashley will poke the bear, which could trigger Diane to have another meltdown. It wouldn't be surprising to see some drama or even a food fight between these two.

Young and the Restless: Diane Jenkins
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The Newmans, on the other hand, will celebrate Thanksgiving at the ranch. Young and the Restless spoilers for the week of November 21 to 25 say that the family will get together for a holiday, but there will be a fight.

Apparently, Nick and Adam will clash over Sally Spectra yet again. Victor Newman will intervene and push his sons to make peace, even just for a day. Will the brothers obey?

Added teasers reveal Victor will then dig dirt on Sally. It seems things are getting serious between her and Nick, so The Moustache will make a move. What will he discover about her?

Young and the Restless: Victor Newman
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Daniel Comes Home on Young and the Restless

Meanwhile, Phyllis Summers will have a warm reunion with her son, Daniel Romalotti. Expect to see him back in Genoa City this week. Young and the Restless teasers note that Phyllis will be over the moon as she catches up with her son.

Young and the Restless: Daniel Romalotti - Lily Winters
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Further Y&R spoilers reveal Daniel will reconnect with his first love, Lily Winters. Will it lead to something more?

Phyllis will have another big reunion in December. Young and the Restless teasers note that Daniel's dad, Danny, will make a comeback too. Actor Michael Damian will reprise the role. It's definitely going to be a festive holiday for Phyllis.

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