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'Y&R' Spoilers: Nick and Sally Put a Label on It – Adam Loses It?

Young and the Restless spoilers tease that Nick Newman and Sally Spectra are back on track. The two decide to give their love another shot, much to Adam Newman's dismay.

It seems things are moving quite quickly for the couple too. Y&R teasers indicate Sally and Nick will put a label on whatever it is that they have right now.

Nick and Sally Move Forward

Nick Newman and Sally Spectra might be getting serious about their relationship. The two recently got back together despite other people's doubts about them.

Young and the Restless spoilers for the week reveal Nick and Sally are not wasting time. Apparently, they will come to an agreement about their "journey."

Perhaps the two will finally put a label on whatever they have right now. Despite everything they've been through, they've never really acknowledged each other as boyfriend or girlfriend, at least publicly. Is it time for them to move to that level?

Young and the Restless: Sally Spectra - Nick Newman

Pic credit: CBS

Or maybe Nick will help Sally decide about her future. Young and the Restless spoilers note that he will make a stunning offer that could change her life forever.

Apparently, Nick will ask Sally if she's interested in starting her own fashion line. He's willing to give her all the help she needs, including the funds to keep the ball rolling.

However, the redhead will refuse the offer. She doesn't want anyone to think that she's using him for his money. Sally also points out that she wants to explore other fields, like interior design or event planning.

Young and the Restless spoilers add that Sally comes up with a business plan and presents it to Nick. He's eager to help her out in any way possible. Then the couple heads to celebrate a new chapter in their lives.

Young and the Restless: Adam Newman

Pic credit: CBS

Adam Broken-Hearted on Young and the Restless

If Sally Spectra and Nick Newman did end up making things official, it would definitely hurt Adam Newman. Recently, he ran into the pair and immediately lost his cool.

Adam will likely have another meltdown because of the couple. He still can't get over Sally and the many what-ifs that haunt him.

Sally and Nick seem eager to give their love a shot. However, they shouldn't count Adam out just yet. He might still get the last laugh on Young and the Restless.