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'B&B' Week Ahead Spoilers: Douglas Rats Out Thomas – Carter Eavesdrops?

Here is a peek at what is happening on The Bold and the Beautiful for the week of November 21 to 25.

Douglas Informs Someone

Douglas Forrester will continue to struggle with the truth. B&B spoilers for the week teased that the little boy will be consumed by guilt as he keeps Thomas Forrester's secret to himself.

However, it seems Douglas will decide to tell someone about it. He may not want to ruin Ridge Forrester and Taylor Hayes' wedding, so he'll likely turn to his Aunt Steffy.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for November 21 to 25 imply that Douglas Forrester will unburden himself of Thomas' damaging secret. Naturally, Steffy will be furious about it.

Further spoilers tease that she will confront Thomas and remind him that his action could ruin their mother's happiness. Will Steffy Forrester do the right thing, though, and expose her brother's scam?

Bold and the Beautiful: Ridge Forrester - Douglas Forrester

Pic credit: CBS

Carter Overhears Scandalous Confession?

Meanwhile, Carter Walton will be in the right place at the right time when an eyebrow-raising confession is made. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the week reveal he will eavesdrop on Bill Spencer professing his love for Brooke Logan. This is despite the fact that she's still mourning the end of her marriage to Ridge Forrester.

Carter will then notice Dollar Bill putting on the charm on Katie Logan. Of course, the Forrester Creations COO will not be impressed, especially with what's going on between him and Katie.

Carter will be furious and will not hold back when he confronts Bill. He's not going to sit and watch him play the Logan sisters on B&B.

Bold and the Beautiful:  Carter Walton

Pic credit: CBS

Brooke's Backup on Bold and the Beautiful

Brooke Logan will continue to be a mess as Ridge Forrester and Taylor Hayes' wedding approaches. Her sisters, Donna and Katie Logan, will stay by her side to help her cope with heartbreak. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers add that the siblings will work hard to get some answers for their sister.

Brooke will have another shoulder to cry on this November. B&B spoilers for November 21 to 24 reveal Stephen Logan will visit his daughters, alongside his girlfriend Lucy.

Bold and the Beautiful: Brooke Logan

Pic credit: CBS

Ridge's Final Visit

Ridge Forrester just couldn't stay away from Brooke Logan. A spoiler photo shows him in his tux on the morning of his wedding at Brooke's house.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers note that Brooke will have a spark of hope when she sees Ridge. However, she'll be in for another letdown when the waffler tells her he's just making sure she's okay before bidding his final goodbye. Is this really the end for "Bridge?"

Bold and the Beautiful: Ridge Forrester

Pic credit: CBS

Will Taylor Have Second Thoughts?

Now that Ridge Forrester has come clean about Brooke Logan, Taylor Hayes might have second thoughts about marrying him. Bold and the Beautiful spoiler photo shows Carter Walton with a puzzled look as the bride says her vows.

Although Taylor said she trusts and believes Ridge, she's still hurt by the fact that he still has feelings for Brooke. Will it finally hit her that he's only marrying her because he thought Brooke called CPS on Thomas? Will she call off the wedding at the last minute?

Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy Forrester - Taylor Hayes

Pic credit: CBS

B&B Preempted

Bold and the Beautiful will be preempted from November 24 to 25 in celebration of Thanksgiving. The sudser will resume on Monday, November 28.