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'Y&R' Star Melissa Ordway Over the Moon About Daughter's 'Gotcha Day'

Young and the Restless star Melissa Ordway is definitely a devoted mom, even off-camera. The CBS soap actress, who plays Abby Newman, recently gushed at her daughter, Olivia, as they celebrated her "Gotcha Day."

Young and the Restless: Melissa Ordway Pays Tribute to Daughter on Her 'Gotcha Day'

Melissa Ordway was in a festive mood last week as she and her whole family commemorated her daughter Olivia's adoption anniversary. The Y&R star did not let the special day pass without paying tribute to her adorable child.

Melissa took to Instagram and recalled the day they officially adopted Olivia. "2/27/17 was a very special day in our house," the actress wrote. "It was the day the state of California made our adoption official."

Melissa Ordway also explained her adorable term for Olivia's adoption day. "Olivia's 'Gotcha Day.' I've gotten a lot of questions about what a 'Coronation Day' is. It's the name we have given this special day," the Young and the Restless actress revealed.

Young and the Restless: Melissa Ordway

Pic credit: Melissa Ordway/Instagram

Melissa Super Proud of Olivia

This year's celebration of Melissa Ordway's daughter's "Coronation Day" is extra special. The Young and the Restless star revealed Olivia also received some special awards at her school.

In an Instagram post, Melissa revealed that her daughter was named "Student of the Month," which definitely made her super proud. Not only that, but Olivia's school also joined in celebrating her "Gotcha Day."

Young and the Restless: Melissa Ordway

Pic credit: Melissa Ordway/Instagram

"I've cried lots of happy tears this morning. What a way to start Olivia's 'Coronation Day' weekend," the Young and the Restless star wrote. "Her whole school sang her 'Happy Coronation Day.' Then, Olivia was named 'Student of the Month' for her character and for being most improved."

Y&R Star Calls Her Daughter a 'Dream Come True'

Melissa Ordway couldn't be thankful enough for having her daughter, Olivia. The Young and the Restless celeb gushed at her sweet daughter, whom she considers her "dream come true."

Young and the Restless: Melissa Ordway

Pic credit: Melissa Ordway/Instagram

Despite not being Olivia's biological mother, Melissa showers her with unconditional love. "Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone, but still miraculously my own," the soap actress said. "Never forget for a single minute; you didn't grow under my heart but in it. I love you to infinity and beyond. My baby girl. My dream come true."

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