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'Y&R' Spoilers: Victoria's Tough Love From Victor – Focuses on Her Revenge

Young And The Restless spoilers know the Newmans are all on edge. Victoria Newman Locke (Amelia Heinle) is reeling from her husband's betrayal. To make matters worse, Victoria insists on playing a game of cat and mouse with Ashland Locke (Robert Newman) on her own. 

However, Victoria has a plan that includes the family, especially Adam Newman (Mark Grossman). Victoria will gather the family in her office. Y&R spoilers for the week reveal that Victoria will choose Adam to be her fall guy. Adam will agree as long as he remains in the CEO position at Newman-Locke.

Adam has plans to hold on to the position permanently. Victoria can not worry about that right now because she is focused on getting revenge. 

Yet Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) may have doubts about Victoria's actions. Y&R spoilers for the week of April 11 to 15 reveal that Victor will set a trap for Ashland. Will Victoria get in the way of Victor's plans for Locke on Young And The Restless?

Young and the Restless: Victor Newman

Pic credit: CBS

Y&R: Will Ashland Fall For the Traps?

Ashland is a shrewd man who spent months planning a takeover. Locke went so far as to fake cancer and marry Victor's heir, apparently. Victoria may believe she has the upper hand against Ashland. Still, Locke can not shake the feeling that Victoria doubts him. 

Ashland knows that Victor has no illusions about him. Victor asked Michael Baldwin (Christian Leblanc) to go over the contract for the merger between Newman Enterprises and Locke Communications. Will Michael find a loophole?

Victor may be getting close to his goal of ridding the business and the family of Ashland. Still, Young And The Restless spoilers for the week of April 11 to 15 suggest that Victor will show Victoria tough love. 

Perhaps Victor will give Adam more power at Newman-Locke or extend his time as CEO. Further spoilers tease that Victor's tough love approach will not deter Victoria's plan for revenge on the CBS soap.

Young and the Restless: Victoria Newman - Ashland Locke

Pic credit: CBS

Victor Makes a Promise on Young and the Restless

The Newman family is filled with turmoil these days. The family business is at risk of being taken over by Ashland. Adam is making moves behind Victoria's back. 

Meanwhile, Victor is trying to keep everything under control. Young And The Restless spoilers for the week tease Victor will make a promise to Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott). Victor may promise to keep Victoria safe from the Locke-Ness monster.

Young and the Restless: Victoria Newman

Pic credit: CBS

Victoria will not make it easy. She has something to prove. Ashland made her look weak and incompetent. Victoria will not rest until she gets the better of Locke. 

On the other hand, Victor could promise to keep the family together. Adam and Victoria will both have tricks up their sleeves. Victor will have his work cut out for him on The Young And The Restless.