Young and the Restless: Tucker McCall - Victoria Newman
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'Y&R' Spoilers (Tuesday, January 10): Phyllis Corners Tucker- Audra Wows Victoria

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Phyllis Summers gives Tucker McCall a reality check. Audra Charles impresses her future boss, Victoria Newman. Plus, Devon Hamilton changes his mind about an important decision. Here's a look at what's happening on Young and the Restless for Tuesday, January 10, 2023.

Tucker Mocks Phyllis

Phyllis Summers corners Tucker McCall at Crimson Lights. She asks him if he's really ready to burn everything down.

Young and the Restless spoilers for Tuesday, January 10, reveal Phyllis gives Tucker a reality check. She points out that people in Genoa City are smart and already onto him.

She goes on to say that Tucker will never be one of them. But it doesn't seem to faze him at all. Tucker then mocks Phyllis, noting that she's been in town for decades but still is an outsider.

Phyllis appears to get defensive and claims she fixes her problems with her family. However, Tucker is not buying it. She then tells him he can jet off or stay to burn it all down.

Young and the Restless: Tucker McCall - Phyllis Summers
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Phyllis Wants To Make Amends With Summer

Phyllis Summers wants to make it up with Summer. During a visit, she asks to be alone with her daughter. Kyle reluctantly agrees and gives the mother and daughter some private time.

Young and the Restless spoilers for Tuesday, January 10, tease that Summer tells her mother about her upcoming Paris trip. Phyllis offers to go with her, eager to fix their relationship.

Summer assumes Daniel Romalotti shared their private conversation with their mom. Phyllis notes that their rift is badly affecting him.

Young and the Restless: Phyllis Summers - Summer Newman
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Diane Plays Jeremy

Meanwhile, Diane Jenkins meets with Jeremy Stark. She explains to him that she's looking forward to fulfilling her act of good faith.

But Jeremy is getting impatient. He wants details and needs her to act fast. Diane tries to play it cool, but he's not budging and wants to see evidence by tomorrow.

Later, Diane visits Jack Abbott at the office and fills him in about her meeting with Jeremy. She tells him the clock is ticking and that she has no idea how to go about the plan. Jack comes up with an idea, but they must act carefully, especially when the Newmans are involved.

Young and the Restless: Jeremy Stark
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Devon Beats Himself

Abby Newman visits a glum Devon Hamilton. He immediately fills her in on their decision to fire Audra Charles. He also opens up about cutting ties with Tucker McCall.

Young and the Restless spoilers reveal Devon beats himself for being swayed easily by the wrong people. Now, his son will grow up without a grandfather. Abby tells him not to blame himself, adding that he has some family that will never leave his side.

Later, Devon calls Jill Abbott to discuss an important matter. He realizes that merging their companies was not a good idea.

Y&R spoilers reveal that Devon changes his mind about the deal. He wants to buy back Hamilton-Winters, which Jill thinks is a bit extreme.

Young and the Restless: Devon Hamilton - Abby Newman
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Audra Impresses Victoria

Nate Hastings tells Victoria Newman about Audra Charles as his choice for COO. She's intrigued and wants to meet her as soon as possible.

Young and the Restless spoilers tease that the two women come face-to-face. Victoria is surprised that Audra left Chancellor-Winters. 

She didn't give further details about her exit. Instead, she gets down to business, which impresses her new boss.

Audra assures Victoria and Nate that she's a team player and ready to be an asset to the company. Victoria admits she likes her style and leaves the decision up to Nate. Audra lands the COO spot at Newman Media.

Young and the Restless: Nate Hastings - Victoria Newman
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Jack Confronts Tucker

At Jabot, Jack Abbott notices Ashley Abbott's gloomy mood. She tells him about what went down at the suite with Tucker McCall and Devon Hamilton.

Tucker shows up at Jabot and bumps into Jack. He's amazed that he still has the nerve to show his face after what he's done.

Young and the Restless: Tucker McCall - Jack Abbott
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Young and the Restless spoilers reveal Tucker admits to Jack that he did intend to go after Jabot. However, he insists that all that changed because of Ashley.

Later, Ashley meets Abby at Society. She admits to her daughter that she feels stupid for almost falling for Tucker's scheme. She then tells her daughter that she plans to leave Genoa City for a while to distance herself from all the drama.


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