Young and the Restless: Nikki Newman - Michael Baldwin
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'Young and the Restless' Spoilers: Michael and Nikki Clashes Over Diane?

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Young And The Restless spoilers tease that Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc) and Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) will be at odds. Nikki wanted Michael to investigate Diane Jenkins' (Susan Walters) past in Los Angeles. 

Michael was reluctant, but Nikki would not take no for an answer. He is probably Diane's only real friend in Genoa City, so he warned her. 

Diane seemed unconcerned that Michael would be digging into her past.

However, Nikki wants results. The Newman matriarch is determined to get her nemesis to leave town. 

But Diane is making progress in her relationships with Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) and Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman). Even Summer Newman (Allison Lanier) has accepted Diane's presence, if only for Kyle's sake. 

Y&R spoilers for the week of July 4 to 8 note that Nikki will confront Jack about Diane. Now that Diane has a job at Marchetti's, it looks like she will be putting down roots in Genoa City. Nikki needs Michael to find dirt on Diane on Young And The Restless.

Young and the Restless: Nikki Newman - Michael Baldwin
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Y&R: Nikki and Michael Disagree

Diane has done many terrible things to many people in town. She claims that she has changed, but Nikki is not buying it. 

Still, Michael wants to believe that Diane has improved. After all, he also has a checkered past. But Michael turned his life around. So the lawyer would like Diane to do the same. 

Young And The Restless spoilers for the week of July 11 to 15 reveal that Nikki and Michael will have a difference of opinion. This will certainly have to do with Diane.

Nikki knows that Michael had misgivings about investigating Diane. Would she believe him if he says Diane's past as Taylor Jensen is clean? For that matter, would Michael tell Nikki if he found dirt? 

Nikki may remind Michael of what a terrible person Diane can be. Also, he is paid very good money to work for Victor Newman (Eric Braeden). Nikki wants Michael to find ammunition to use against Diane on Young And The Restless.

Y&R: Michael Baldwin
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Nikki Finds an Ally on Young and the Restless

Nikki is not leaving Diane's fate in Michael's hands alone. She has strategized with Victor on how to get rid of her. Y&R spoilers for the week of July 11 to 15 tease that Nikki will give Summer a warning. 

Nikki could warn Summer not to let her guard down around Diane. Summer has already been advised not to trust her mother-in-law by her mom, Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford). 

Young and the Restless: Diane Jenkins
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Phyllis probably wants Diane gone as much as Nikki, if not more. Y&R summer spoilers tease that the two ladies will team up to take Diane down. 

Neither of these women trusts Diane and will work together to get her to leave town. Perhaps Diane could use the new alliance to make inroads with Jack and Kyle. Or Diane could turn to Michael for help. Would Michael go against Nikki for Diane on The Young And The Restless?

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