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Twice Gets Messy on 'Time to Twice' Episode 3

Twice just released the latest episode of their reality game show Time to Twice and The Chocolate Factory. The previous episodes showed the girls struggling with the challenges. Dahyun and Momo have been the fan-favorites so far due to their hilarious failures.

Now, the third episode showed harder challenges. The team of Nayeon, Tzuyu, and Jihyo are currently leading the game with 7 out of 8 golden tickets. Meanwhile, the team of Mina, Sana, and Chaeyoung currently has 6 out of 8 golden tickets, while Sana and Momo only have 1 so far.

Time To Twice Episode 3 Features Momo & Dahyun's Hilarious Journey

Time to Twice and The Chocolate Factory Episode 3 kicks off with the girls entering a new challenge room. However, they instantly got worried after seeing a bowl of flour in the center of the room, which means that things will get dirty later. The girls don't have a choice but to accept the game.

Apparently, one representative of each team must blow the flour from the container to reveal the hidden words inside. The first person to shout the hidden word wins. The game starts off with Momo against Jihyo. The two took some time to figure out the word.

Momo ended up winning and celebrating with a hilarious shout. After that, Dahyun tries her luck against Blue Team's Sana. Unfortunately, Dahyun immediately lost in just a few seconds.

Twice: Jihyo - Momo

Jihyo and Momo compete against each other in 'Time to Twice.' Pic Credit:

Team Yellow & Team Blue Managed To Complete the Tickets

Team Yellow and Team Blue managed to collect all the Golden Tickets throughout the 3rd episode of  Time to Twice and The Chocolate Factory. Meanwhile, Team Red's Momo and Dahyun are still trying to collect more tickets to move on to the next round.

Meanwhile, Team Blue is the first one to submit all the Golden Tickets. However, they were shocked to hear that the purpose of the Golden Tickets was for a bigger challenge. According to the game's official, their next challenge will be an individual match. The rules are quite difficult as the girls will need to guard their chocolate intact from a designated location.

Twice: Sana - Mina - Chaeyoung

Team Blue collected all Golden Tickets. Pic Credit: TWICE/YouTube

Time To Twice Episode 4 Gives Momo & Dahyun the Ultimate Chance of Winning the Game

During Time to Twice and The Chocolate Factory Episode 3, Momo & Dahyun can be seen doing the usual challenges to win a Golden Ticket. However, the announcer told them at they failed to do the challenge and will no longer have the chance to collect Golden Tickets. However, they were surprised to hear that they will be given a chance to win it all.

Apparently, the announcer told Dahyun and Momo that the other teams have Chocolates that they must protect. After that, Momo and Dahyun can be seen accepting the challenge for a chance of redemption. Due to this, fans can expect that Momo and Dahyun will try to become the main villains for the other teams on the next episode.

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