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'Married at First Sight': Danielle and Bobby Dodd Ready for Baby No. 3?

Married at First Sight alum Danielle Dodd is embracing her role as a mother now more than ever. The wife of Bobby Dodd seems to enjoy being a mom of two despite the challenges that come with it.

The couple had their second child in December last year and things have never been the same in their household.  Now, a few months after welcoming baby Dodd, Danielle and Bobby appeared to have adjusted well with having two kids. Are they ready to add a third soon?

Married at First Sight: Danielle Dodd Enjoys Motherhood

Looks like motherhood has changed Danielle Dodd for the better. The Married at First Sight star has been a hands-on mom to her two young children, Olivia, 2, and Robert, 3 months old.

Taking care of two kids has never been easy but Bobby Dodd's wife handles it like a pro. She has been very vocal about the challenges she faces, especially with her very young children. But the reality star continues to do her role as a mother wholeheartedly.

Married at First Sight: Danielle Dodd - Bobby Dodd

Married at First Sight couple Danielle and Bobby Dodd with their two kids. Pic credit: @_daniellenicole__/Instagram


Danielle Says Kids Will Not Be on Reality TV for Long

Danielle Dodd revealed if she's open to doing a reality TV show with Bobby Dodd and their kids. The Married at First Sight star has been on the small screen for quite a while now and fans are eager to see more with the rest of her family.

Danielle did not exactly close the door on having their own show in the future but little Olivia and Robert may not be part of it. The Lifetime celeb noted that her kids are currently on Couples Cam but it will not be for long.

"They are now on Couples Cam right now but eventually, I will remove them from social media/TV completely," the MAFS mom said.

Married at First Sight: Danielle Dodd - Bobby Dodd

Married at First Sight star Danielle Dodd reveals her children's future on reality TV. Pic credit: @_daniellenicole__/Instagram

Is MAFS Couple Danielle and Bobby Dodd Ready for Third Baby?

Meanwhile, it seems Danielle Dodd and Bobby Dodd are done having kids. In the same Q&A, the Married at First Sight star revealed that having two kids at this point is more than enough for them.

Danielle claimed she's "80% sure" that they're done having babies. Bobby, on the other hand, is "99.9% sure"  that baby number three is not happening.

However, the Married at First Sight mama said things can still change depending on the situation. "We shall see," Danielle playfully answered. "Ask me again in a year."

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