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'Counting On': Fans Think Something Big Is Coming As The Family Updates Website After Years Of Being Inactive

It's been a while since fans have seen the Duggar family on TV. Apparently, Counting On was once canceled after Josh Duggar's molestation scandal broke in 2015. However, the show managed to return in 2019 after a long hiatus.

Now, fans think that something big is brewing as the family suddenly updated their website, which has been inactive for years. Is the show returning soon?

Counting On: The Duggars Updated Their Website After Years of Inactivity

Counting On fans from Reddit have been discussing something strange with the Duggars over the weekend. Apparently, some fans noticed that the family's website made an update after years of inactivity. This sparked speculations that something big is coming soon.

One of the theories made was that there might be a new pregnancy in the family and that they're preparing to announce it. This coincided with rumors that Joy-Anna Duggar and Anna Duggar are expecting. Meanwhile, some think that the show might get canceled for good.

However, a lot of fans disagreed with it and said there's a high chance that the Duggars will return to the small screen soon. The last season of Counting On ended in September 2020. Since then, the family hasn't released a statement whether they're returning or not.

Counting On: The Duggars

The Duggars updated their website recently, sparking speculations that they're working on something. Pic Credit: @duggarfam/Instagram

Jim Bob Might Announce a New Courtship in the Family

Aside from pregnancy rumors, fans also think that the website's update has something to do with a courtship announcement. Some think Counting On star Jim Bob Duggar might announce the courtship of Jana Duggar, which is going a big deal to many. Jana is currently the oldest Duggar to remain single.

A courtship announcement of Jana is definitely a perfect way to start their new season. Jana has been showing signs of wanting to settle down as well. It'll be interesting to see her journey to finding the love she deserves.

Counting On: Jana Duggar

Jana Duggar is the oldest in the family who is still single. Pic Credit: @janamduggar/Instagram

Counting On: Will the Reality Show Return?

Counting On fans think that the Duggars are ready to return for another season. Apparently, there are rumors that Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey's wedding was recorded and is planned to be released in the latest season. Jana Duggar's courtship will also make a good storyline as fans have been waiting for her to finally get married.

A lot of fans agreed to the idea that Jana will be the main focus of the show. Others even said that she's the only one who can save the franchise. Meanwhile, some think they won't bring Jill and Derick Dillard back after estranging themselves from the Duggars.

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