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'LPBW': Isabel Roloff Prepares for Baby Boy – Feels Labor Pains?

Little People, Big World star Isabel Roloff is just days away from welcoming her first child with Jacob Roloff. The couple patiently "waits" for their little bundle of joy, whose due date is December 2021.

But the newest Roloff baby might arrive earlier than expected as Isabel is reportedly feeling "labor pains" ahead of her due date. Is she going into early labor?

Little People, Big World: Isabel Roloff Feeling Labor Pains Ahead of Due Date

Isabel Roloff and her husband, Jacob Roloff, are ready to become first-time parents. The Little People, Big World couple has been waiting for the arrival of their baby boy in December.

But the wait may not be that much longer as Isabel is already experiencing pains and discomfort these days. Are these signs of early labor?

Isabel Roloff took to Instagram recently and revealed she's been feeling a lot of contractions lately, prompting a visit to her midwife. "I kept having what I thought were Braxton Hicks the past couple of days," the LPBW star said. "But my midwife was like 'mm… sounds like those are the real thing.'"

Apparently, the  Little People, Big World couple was told their son would come out any day now. "So now we just wait," Isabel added.

It is worth noting though that Braxton Hicks do not necessarily mean that labor has begun. However, these contractions are a body's way of preparing for true labor.

LPBW: Isabel Roloff

Pic credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram

Isabel and Jeremy Roloff Excited To Meet Baby Boy

Jeremy Roloff and his heavily pregnant wife, Isabel, couldn't wait to meet their little bundle of joy. The Little People, Big World soon-to-be mom is currently 37 weeks pregnant, and she's embracing every minute of it.

Recently, Isabel shared a sweet video of her baby bump with Jacob feeling his son's movement inside her belly. It was definitely a precious moment for the couple.

"Feeling our first baby move together," Isabel Roloff captioned the post. "Moving through sooo much these last few weeks. It's intense."

The LPBW star also admitted that being pregnant for the first time gives her "anxiety," but she keeps a positive attitude about it. 

"I have anxiety, but ultimately it's a good test for me to see how far I can be pushed, how much I can believe in myself, and how much I have grown," the LPBW star added.

LPBW: Jacob Roloff

Pic credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram

LPBW: Jacob Meets New Nephew

Meanwhile, Jacob Roloff officially met his new nephew, Radley Knight Roloff. The Little People, Big World star visited Audrey and Jeremy's newborn, clearly smitten with him.

Isabel shared a photo of Jacob adorably carrying baby Radley in his arms — a tender moment between the uncle and nephew. In just a few weeks, he'll be cuddling his own son too, and it'll definitely be a sight to behold.