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'General Hospital' Spoilers: Sonny's Wake-up Call After Tragic Death

General Hospital spoilers suggest Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Bernard) will get a warning. Sonny's cousin, Brando Corbin (Johnny Wactor), recently fell victim to a serial killer. 

Besides Sonny, Brando left behind a grieving mother, Gladys Corbin (Bonnie Burroughs). Brando's death also made Sasha Gilmore-Corbin (Sofia Mattsson) a young widow. Brando's passing hit everyone hard. But it may also serve as a wake-up call to Sonny.

Sonny and Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) have been at odds. Moreover, Michael is determined to take Sonny down. Still, the father and son may have to put their feud on hold. 

GH spoilers for the week of October 10 to 14 reveal that loved ones will gather to say goodbye to Brando. Michael is convinced that Brando's connection to Sonny costs him his life. Can Sonny and Michael put their ill will to the side for the funeral on General Hospital?

General Hospital: Brando Corbin

Pic credit: ABC

GH: Sonny Gets Advice

When Sonny Corinthos returned from Nixon Falls, he was a changed man. For one thing, he was in love with Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros), so his marriage to Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) ended. 

This did not sit well with Michael. The last straw was when he supported Nina at the trial for Wylie Corinthos' (Viron Weaver) visitation rights. Now Michael has planted a mole in Sonny's operations. Can their relationship be mended?

Sonny will be at Brando's funeral and will continue to support Sasha and Gladys. Yet, Gladys may find a way to help Sonny. GH  spoilers for the week of October 10 to 14 suggest she will have some words of wisdom for him. 

Gladys spent years being estranged from Brando. Although they grew close after Gladys came to Port Charles, she may have regrets. Perhaps she will remind Sonny that life can change in an instant. 

Maybe Gladys will advise Sonny to make up with Michael before it is too late. She will certainly regret the time that she lost with her son. Not to mention that there is a serial killer on the loose. The victims all have ties to Sonny on General Hospital.

General Hospital: Sonny Corinthos

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Will Michael Have a Change of Heart in General Hospital?

GH spoilers for the week of October 10 to 14 divulge that the serial killer will "hook" another victim. This will be terrible news to hear after Brando's funeral. 

Perhaps Michael may rethink his plans to destroy Sonny. After all, Micheal grew up with him and is fully aware of what his father does for a living. It only becomes a problem when Michael gets mad at Sonny. Also, the latest victim is not seemingly tied to Sonny.

General Hospital: Michael Corinthos

Pic credit: ABC

But Brando's funeral could give Michael food for thought. Maybe he will soften towards his father. Further General Hospital spoilers suggest Michael will listen to his father's pleas to come together. 

If Michael and Sonny come to an understanding, what about Dex Heller (Evan Hofer)? Will Michael confess that Dex is a mole? 

If Michael tries to fire Dex again, he could go rogue. After all, Sonny did have Dex tortured for no good reason. Will Michael try to protect Sonny on General Hospital?