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'Counting On': Jason Duggar Steps up to the Plate for Family's Holiday

Counting On star Jason Duggar is one of the most family-oriented sons of Jim Bob Duggar. It also seems like he's very much into huge family gatherings and the holiday season.

In fact, Jason made a touching move for his family in preparation for Christmas Day. The twelfth son of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar goes out of his way to bring the Yuletide vibes despite all the controversies.

Counting On: Jason Duggar Orders Massive Christmas Tree for His Family

Looks like Christmas came early for the Duggar family — all thanks to Jason Duggar. The Counting On star just made a touching gesture for his family when he got them the highlight of the holiday season.

In an Instagram Stories post, Jason Revealed he ordered a massive Christmas tree for the Duggars. The clip shows the big tree loaded on a truck parked at the Duggar compound.

It seems Jason Duggar bought the freshly cut tree as a gift to his family. Jason is known for being family-oriented, which many find admirable.

Some even think the Counting On celeb is still single because he devotes himself to his family.

Counting On: Jason Duggar

Pic credit: Jason Duggar/Instagram

Jason's Love for His Siblings

Counting On star Jason Duggar loves to post pictures with his siblings on Instagram. Recently, he bonded with his brother, James Duggar, for a morning coffee.

Fans also praised Jason after visiting his sister, Jinger Duggar, in Los Angeles alongside Jana Duggar and James Duggar. It's clear to see that Jason is one of the best brothers in the family.

Counting On: Jason Duggar

Pic credit: Jason Duggar/Instagram

Counting On: Jason Duggar's Adventurous Lifestyle

Aside from his love for his siblings, Counting On star Jason Duggar also loves to share his adventurous lifestyle. Previously, Jason showcased his daredevil side when he tried skydiving.

He also has some skills in hunting, particularly elks, though he got some mixed reactions about it. Jason is also a skilled carpenter. Apparently, he also works with his father's real estate business and helps design and renovate houses.

Meanwhile, many are anticipating Jason Duggar starting his own family. However, the Counting On star is not rushing it at all as he wants to pursue it when he's fully ready.

It seems Jason has been busy trying to become financially stable in order to start a family. This is definitely a smart move, as starting a family costs a lot of money.

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