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'Counting On': Which Duggars Ditch Their Conservative Lifestyle?

Counting On fans have been keeping an eye out for the Duggar family. Many have seen their conservative lifestyle throughout the years. But it seems to be slowly evolving, with some of the girls already breaking free from the rules.

For instance, most of the Duggar ladies are not allowed to wear pants or shorts. The family also follows traditional courtship as well as strict modest behavior. Now, fans made a discussion about how the conservative family is slowly leaving the modest lifestyle.

Counting On: The Duggar's Conservative Lifestyle

Counting On fans have seen the Duggar family's conservative lifestyle. They are a religious household that follows different beliefs. One of which is forbidding women from wearing pants and shorts.

Jim Bob Duggar doesn't allow his kids to watch modern TV shows as well. According to them, they only watch shows that feature modesty. The Duggar kids also grew up in a homeschooling system, which the younger generation in the family still follows.

However, Counting On fans think that some of their beliefs are too much. And it seems some of them have had enough of it already.

Counting On: Duggar Family

Pic credit: Duggar Family/Instagram

Duggars Who Break Family Rules

According to reports, several members of the Duggar family have been stepping away from the conservative lifestyle. One of them is Jill Duggar, who is often dubbed as Jim Bob Duggar's rebellious daughter.

The Counting On celeb cut her hair short and pierced her nose, both against her family's modest beliefs. Aside from that, Jill is not one to shy away from showing off some skin, which seemingly proves she no longer follows her family's beliefs.

Fans also think that Jinger Duggar and Jessa Duggar are starting to steer clear of the conservative lifestyle. Jinger has been wearing pants during her road trips with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, lately. Meanwhile, Jessa plans to send her kids to public school, which is against their homeschooling tradition.

Counting On: Jim Bob - Michelle Duggar

Pic credit: Duggar Family/Instagram

Counting On: Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Slowly Accepting Change?

Counting On stars Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar show that they don't mind the changes in their kids' beliefs, especially when they get married. Fans also noticed that the married kids of the couple barely visit them anymore.

However, that doesn't mean that they no longer love each other. Jim Bob and Michelle have been holding family gatherings from time to time, where the whole Duggar family gathers together and catches up. Get the latest Counting On updates on Showbiz Army.