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'Counting On': Claire Spivey's Mother 'Secretly Wished' She Married a Different Duggar?

Counting On star Justin Duggar just made history after becoming the youngest member of the family to get married. Justin married Claire Spivey on February 26, 2021. The newlywed couple looks very happy as they begin their journey to married life.

However, there are rumors that Claire's mother, Hilary Spivey, actually wanted a different Duggar for her daughter. At this point, Hilary has yet to confirm if the rumors are true. Meanwhile, fans started connecting clues that might prove Hilary's alleged different plan.

Counting On: Does Claire's Mother Want Her for a Different Duggar?

An Instagram fan page called Duggar and Bates Confessions shared a message suggesting that Claire Spivey was supposed to marry a different Duggar. According to the post, Claire's mother, Hilary Spivey, "secretly wished" that her daughter married a different Duggar. It may sound absurd that Hilary would want her daughter to marry a different Duggar.

However, some Counting On fans thinks it's very possible considering that there's one Duggar who's been very close to the family. It's none other than Jason Duggar, who's been frequently visiting the Spiveys. Apparently, Jason is a very close family friend of the Spiveys.

Some fans also claim that Jason and Hilary walked together during the wedding ceremony of Justin and Claire, showing how close their relationship is.

Counting On: Jason Duggar - Claire Spivey - Justin Duggar - Hilary Spivey

Fans think Hilary wants a different Duggar for Claire. Photo Credit: @claireduggar01/Instagram

Hilary Spivey Has Been Very Open About Her Daughters

When it comes to her daughters, Hilary Spivey doesn't back down, especially when it comes to allegations. At one point, Hilary uploaded a picture of Counting On star Jason Duggar hanging out with her son. After that, a fan asked Hilary if she's also planning to adopt Jason and make him marry one of his daughters.

According to Hilary, she would love to have Jason in their family. However, she made it clear that her daughter is too young and is not ready for such relationships. Hilary also said that she's still happy that Jason is still somehow a part of their family after Justin and Claire's wedding.

Counting On: Claire Spivey - Hilary Spivey

Claire Spivey with her mother Hilary Spivey. Pic Credit: @claireduggar01/Instagram

Counting On: Where Are Claire and Justin Now?

At this point, Counting On star Justin Duggar has yet to reveal where he and Claire Spivey have settled. However, there are rumors stating that Justin and Claire are currently living in Texas. Apparently, fans saw the newlywed couple hanging out with the Spiveys in Texas, suggesting that the two have been there for a while.

It also appears that Justin doesn't have a home to settle in Arkansas as he sold it for good starting money. Apparently, Justin has followed his father's footsteps of becoming a real estate agent. There are reports stating that he recently sold his $1 property that his father gave him for $195K.

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