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'7 Little Johnstons': Elizabeth's Favorite Thing To Do With Brice Bolden?

7 Little Johnstons fan-favorite Elizabeth Johnston and her beau, Brice Bolden, continue to enjoy a smooth-sailing romance. The couple has been dating for almost three years now, and things seem to get serious between them even more.

7 Little Johnstons: Elizabeth Johnston Shares Relationship Update

Avid fans of 7 Little Johnstons just can't get enough of Elizabeth Johnston and Brice Bolden. The adorable couple undoubtedly made their mark on the show — thanks to their inspiring love story and swoon-worthy moments.

Liz and Brice's romance is even sweeter off-camera. Recently, Elizabeth gave fans some updates about their relationship — something many have been anticipating for.

During a Q&A session on Instagram, Elizabeth Johnston confirmed that she and Brice Bolden are still together, much to their fans' delight. The 7 Little Johnstons celeb also gushed at her long-time boyfriend and how they "love each other like crazy."

7 Little Johnstons: Elizabeth Johnston - Brice Bolden

Pic credit: @brice_bolden_/Instagram

Liz Reveals Her Favorite Past Time With Brice Bolden

One interesting detail Elizabeth Johnston shared was her favorite thing to do with Brice Bolden. Sure, fans see them together on 7 Little Johnstons, but their time spent privately seems far more romantic.

Liz revealed that she really loves going fishing with Brice. It's no secret that Brice Bolden is into fishing, and he's really good at it. A quick look at his IG page proves his skills, which his girlfriend is really proud of.

"Almost that time again," Elizabeth Johnston said, referring to fishing season. "I also just enjoy being with him. He makes me laugh."

7 Little Johnstons: Elizabeth Johnston - Brice Bolden

Pic credit: Elizabeth Johnston/Instagram

7 Little Johnstons: Elizabeth Hints She and Brice Are Living Together

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Johnston finally clarified the never-ending rumors that she and Brice Bolden are engaged. The 7 Little Johnstons star denied such claims, adding that there's a right time for that.

"So many people have asked about Brice and I being engaged," Liz wrote. "All things happen in good time, everyone. For now, we're simply just living life together and enjoying each other's time."

That doesn't mean Elizabeth Johnston and Brice Bolden are not open to the idea, though. The 7 Little Johnstons couple has been very vocal about their plans to live together.

7 Little Johnstons: Elizabeth Johnston - Brice Bolden

Pic credit: @lizzzjohnston/Instagram

Liz even brought up the idea to Trent and Amber Johnston, though she didn't get the response she had hoped. Still, that doesn't stop the couple from planning ahead. In fact, they already started house hunting, hoping to buy their own house together.

It'll be interesting to see Liz and Brice finally live under the same roof. Tune in to 7 Little Johnstons every Tuesday on TLC. Be sure to head back to Showbiz Army for more updates.