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'Y&R' Spoilers: Ashland and Victoria Start Fresh After Car Accident?

Young And The Restless spoilers tease Ashland Locke (Robert Newman) wants another chance. Victoria Newman Locke (Amelia Heinle) made it clear that she was done with him. 

Ashland kept his nefarious past from Victoria, which she forgave. However, Ashland admitted that he faked cancer to lure Victoria into marriage so he could steal the Newman empire. That was too much for her to bear.

To make matters worse, Victoria was involved in a deadly car crash. Victoria could have died, but Ashland saved her life. Locke was burned badly, pulling his wife from a burning car. 

Consequently, Victoria may view Ashland in a different light. Ashland agreed to leave town after accepting 500 million dollars. Will he leave Genoa City if he has a second chance with Victoria? 

Y&R spoilers for the week of April 25 to 29 reveal that Ashland will make a promise to Victoria. Perhaps Locke will promise not to give up on their love. Will Victoria have a change of heart on Young And The Restless?

Young and the Restless: Ashland Locke - Victoria Newman

Pic credit: CBS

Y&R: Will Ashland Get Another Chance?

Ashland Locke swore his love to Victoria Newman Locke. Still, he has lost her trust. Even though Ashland saved her life, Victoria may be hesitant to start over. 

Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) is not happy that Ashland is still in Genoa City. Victoria has also been hiding the fact that she has been communicating with Locke. She also has guilt over Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso) dying in the crash. 

Young And The Restless spoilers for the week of April 25 to 29 tease that Victor will change his mind about Victoria. Perhaps Victor will believe Victoria is not ready to take on the CEO role at Newman-Locke.

If so, Victoria will have another blow in her life. Y&R spoilers suggest that Ashland will not give up on his wife. Locke may have gone to great lengths to protect Victoria. 

In Ashland's version of the crash, Rey was at fault. Locke could be protecting Victoria. Or perhaps, Locke caused the crash himself. Will Ashland be caught in another lie on Young And The Restless?

Young and the Restless: Victor Newman

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Will Victoria Forgive Ashland on Young and the Restless?

Victoria has been conflicted about Ashland. His deception shattered her heart, but she still has a love for him. Now Locke is the hero that saved her life. 

Victoria will need a shoulder to cry on. Young And The Restless spoilers for the week of May 2 to 6 indicate that Victoria will turn to Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) for comfort. Will Billy offer words of wisdom to his ex?

Young and the Restless: Victoria Newman

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After all the terrible lies that Ashland has told, no one wants him near Victoria. Yet Victoria has always had a mind of her own. If she wants to be with Ashland, who can stop her? 

On the other hand, Victoria has great pride. Ashland humiliated her. Not only that, but Locke is a convincing liar. Still, Ashland won't be going anywhere soon. Can Ashland gain Victoria's trust in the Young And The Restless?