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'Y&R: Spoilers: Allie Saves Noah From Heartbreak as 'Teriah' Wed?

Young And The Restless spoilers tease that Noah Newman (Rory Gibson) will be down in the dumps. Noah came home from London nursing a broken heart. Then Noah began to have feelings for his ex-girlfriend, Tessa Porter (Cait Fairbanks). 

However, Tessa was in a loving relationship with Noah's sister, Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes). Noah was glumly watching the happy couple. He knew that he did not stand a chance with the object of his affection.

Noah threw himself into the dating scene, but it didn't make him happy. He put on a brave front when Mariah and Tessa announced their engagement. The young artist seemed to accept the happy news and helped plan the wedding. 

Y&R  spoilers for the week of May 9 to 13 reveal that Mariah and Tessa will tie the knot. Will the wedding throw Noah into a tailspin on Young And The Restless?

Young and the Restless: Tessa Porter - Mariah Copeland

Pic credit: CBS

Y&R: Noah Is Moody 

Noah Newman has reasons to feel down. While he pined for Tessa Porter, he attended her engagement party. Then his stepfather passed away. 

Now Noah has to watch Tessa marry his sister. Young And The Restless spoilers for the week of May 9 to 13 suggest that Noah will feel down. Perhaps the wedding will heighten his loneliness. Still, Noah may not be lonely for long.

Y&R spoilers have implied that Allie Nguyen (Kelsey Wang) would be a love interest for Noah. Further spoilers for the upcoming week suggest that the Abbotts will welcome someone into their home. 

Perhaps, Summer Newman (Allison Lanier) will join her husband and stepson. On the other hand, Allie could finally accept Jack Abbott's (Peter Bergman) invitation to visit. Allie may get to know the Abbotts while they struggle with Diane's return to Young And The Restless.

Young and the Restless: Noah Newman

Pic credit: CBS

Allie Lifts Noah's Spirit on Young and the Restless

Allie Nguyen certainly will not come to Genoa City looking for love. Still, she may find it. Noah and Allie could cross paths. Will it be love at first sight? 

Or they could start off on the wrong foot and gradually fall in love. Allie could lean on Noah while she navigates the Abbott family dynamics. Noah is well versed in family drama. He is a Newman, after all.

Young and the Restless: Allie Nguyen

Pic credit: CBS

Sharon Newman Rosales (Sharon Case) may be thrilled for Noah if he ends up with Allie. Sharon is on friendly terms with Jack. 

It does not hurt that Allie is an intelligent woman. Allie appears to have a good head on her shoulders. Sharon can stop worrying. Noah could finally find love on The Young And The Restless.