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'Y&R' Predictions: Abby Second-guesses Shared Custody Decision?

Young And The Restless predictions suggest that Abby Newman Chancellor (Melissa Ordway) may have second thoughts. Abby and Chance Chancellor (Conner Floyd) agreed to Devon Hamilton's (Bryton James) request for shared custody. Now, Dominic Phillip Newman Abbott Winters Chancellor (Rainn and River Ware) will split his time between the penthouse and the mansion. 

Abby felt hurt and betrayed by Devon's request. However, it appears that everyone made amends. Yet Y&R spoilers for the upcoming weeks imply that Abby and Chance will continue to struggle.

Chance appears to be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. That condition made it difficult to adjust to "normal" life. Sadly, Chance struggled to bond with his son. 

Dominic's dad felt it was in the baby's best interest to spend more time with Devon. Abby agreed to share custody. Yet the more she thinks about it, the more she worries. Will Abby learn to adjust to Devon's new role in Dominic's life?

Young and the Restless: Devon Hamilton

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Young and the Restless: Abby and Chance Grapple With Changes

Devon will be thrilled to spend time with his biological son. The baby whisperer has always had a calming effect on Dominic. On the other hand, Chance has found it hard to connect with his son. 

The baby may be cranky until he gets used to his new schedule. Abby may be unnerved if Dominic reacts badly when thrown off of his routine. Y&R spoilers for the upcoming weeks tease Abby will have second thoughts about shared custody.

Chance may also find it more difficult to bond with Dominic. Devon has such an easy rapport with the baby. Hamilton is also a calming influence on Dominic. Chance may feel insecure about his role as a father when compared to Devon. 

Abby may resent Devon for disrupting her dream of having a family with Chance. Abby is usually very persistent in getting what she wants. How will she remedy this situation on Young And The Restless?

Young and the Restless: Chance Chancellor

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Will Abby Fight for Dominic on Y&R?

Abby agreed to share custody of her son. Yet the truth is that Abby was blindsided and outnumbered. Devon's request left Abby shaken. Then Chance threw Abby for a loop when he urged her to grant Devon's request. Not to mention that Devon has a high-powered attorney on his side. Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan) was prepared to pull out the stops to get Devon shared custody.

Young and the Restless: Abby Newman

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Even Abby's lawyer, Christine Blair Williams (Lauralee Bell), could not guarantee Abby would win if they went to court. Abby gave in, but she was never comfortable with the decision. 

Maybe Abby will come to accept that Dominic will have two dads. On the other hand, she may decide to fight Devon in court after all. The only sure thing is that Dominic would be caught in the middle on The Young And The Restless.