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'Y&R' Predictions: Abby Low-Key Happy Devon May Not Be Dominic's Bio Dad?

 Young and the Restless predictions suggest a stunning twist in the baby storyline. Dominic Abbott Newman Winters Chancellor (Rainn and River Ware) has had a tumultuous life in the months that he has been here. 

The baby's recent medical scare may lead to a surprising development. When Dominic needed a bone marrow transplant, both his biological parents were tested. The specialist did explain that parents are usually a 50% match. That was the case with Abby Newman Chancellor (Melissa Ordway).

However, Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) was ecstatic to learn he matched at 100%. Yet, that match may raise some questions about Dominic's paternity.  

Young and the Restless spoilers for the week of February 21 to 25 reveal Devon will receive devastating news. Could it be that Dominic is not his biological son? That would be a crushing blow to Devon. 

Hamilton will likely demand additional tests to be taken. He may also consult his cousin, Dr. Nate Hastings (Sean Dominic), for his expert opinion. Yet, if the rumors are true, Devon is not the father on  Young and the Restless.

Young and the Restless: Devon Hamilton

Y&R: Abby Is Relieved?

If Devon Hamilton is not the father, there will be far-reaching consequences. Abby Newman was thrilled when Devon agreed to be the sperm donor. Out of an abundance of caution, Abby had Devon sign a contract. 

So Abby was blindsided when Devon wanted to change the terms. To Abby's dismay, Devon ended up with partial custody of her baby. If Devon is not the biological father, Abby may want to seek full custody of Dominic.

Abby always felt that Dominic needed more time to bond with Chance Chancellor (Conner Floyd). Chance has been struggling since his return. Y&R spoilers for the upcoming week suggest Abby will convince Chance to seek professional help. 

It looks like things will be falling into place for Abby. Chance could get help, and Dominic may be home full time. Devon's bad news may work in Abby's favor on the CBS soap.

Young and the Restless: Abby Newman

Pic credit: TLC

Who Is the Daddy on Young and the Restless?

The news that Devon Hamilton is not the biological father will open a can of worms. If Devon is not the father, then who is? It could have been a simple mix-up at the lab. 

On the other hand, the switch could have been deliberate. The leading suspect is Ben "Stitch" Rayburn (Sean Carrigan). Stitch is a doctor and presumably knows how a lab works. Abby's ex has the means and the motive.

Devon may be the lesser of two evils if Stitch turns out to be the real donor. On the other hand, what if Chance is Dom's true father? That would be a happy lab mix-up. After all, Abby has been through so much she deserves some happiness on The Young and the Restless.