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'Y&R' Fall Preview: Victor Reclaims Throne – Victoria Fights Back?

Young and the Restless: Victor Newman - Victoria Newman

Young and the Restless fall preview teases big drama in Genoa City. As the new season approaches, Executive Producer/Head Writer Josh Griffith gives a sneak peek at what's to come.

The biggest empire in town gets a refresh. Alliances will strengthen, while relationships will be tested. Plus, a new romance is on the horizon, as is heartbreak. Read on to find more.

Young and the Restless: Summer Newman - Chance Chancellor

Young and the Restless: Phyllis Back at It Again

Just as Phyllis Summers is beginning to settle back in Genoa City, she finds herself in yet another trouble. Young and the Restless fall preview tease that her latest plan of redemption backfires big time.

Young and the Restless: Phyllis Summers

Phyllis forms an alliance that leads to more harm than good. Who could be her new ally this time?

Spoilers also reveal that someone from Phyllis' past reappears when she needs a friend the most. Danny Romalotti has been confirmed to return to the canvass for an "extended stay."

Young and the Restless: Danny Romalotti

The Abbott Drama Continues

At Jabot, Ashley Abbott makes a shocking announcement. Young and the Restless speculation suggests she may have a change of mind and decide to stay in the company.

Young and the Restless: Jack Abbott - Diane Jenkins

Young and the Restless fall preview also teases that Jack Abbott and Diane Jenkins host an extravagant wedding reception. Expect to see shocking drama and romantic encounters at the event.

Meanwhile, Billy Abbott visits his dark side as he clashes with Tucker McCall. Who will come out on top?

Young and the Restless: Tucker McCall

Young and the Restless: Sharon and Nick Get Closer – Adam Takes Advantage

Nick Newman and Sharon Rosales continue to work together to find their place in the corporate world. Young and the Restless spoilers say they will get closer, and Sally Spectra won't be too happy about it.

Nick and Sharon's relationship will test Sally's patience. Adam Newman will take advantage of the situation to get closer to the redhead. Will he finally win her back?

Young and the Restless: Nick Newman - Sharon Rosales

Victor Reclaims His Throne

Victor Newman continues to transform his empire. Young and the Restless fall preview notes The Mustache reclaims his throne, drawing mixed reactions from his family.

Young and the Restless: Victor Newman - Victoria Newman

Victor appoints Nikki Newman as the sole CEO of Newman Media, who proves she's the right person for the job. Nikki handles her job with a no-nonsense, take-charge attitude that Victor admires.

Young and the Restless spoilers also say that Nikki will take a bright and ambitious team member under her wing. Who is it going to be?

Young and the Restless: Nikki Newman

Young and the Restless: Victoria Fights Back

Victor Newman also unleashes his wrath on Victoria and Adam Newman. Young and the Restless fall preview reveals the siblings see their roles drastically change within the company.

Spoilers say Adam will divert his attention to Sally Spectra. On the other hand, Victoria will retaliate against her father like never before. Vicky will take Nate Hastings along for the wild ride.

Young and the Restless: Victoria Newman


Daniel Romalotti realizes he still has unresolved feelings for Heather Stevens. Young and the Restless spoilers those feelings may jeopardize his relationship with Lily Winters.

Summer Newman decides it's time to move on from Kyle Abbott and take a "Chance" on a new romance. Will she get closer to the cop? If so, where does that leave Sharon?

Young and the Restless: Kyle Abbott - Audra Charles

Audra Charles continues her fling with Kyle. This is despite Nikki Newman's order to end the affair.

Young and the Restless fall preview says the two will hide their relationship from everyone, especially Nikki. They will try to deceive her into thinking they have ended things just like she wanted. 

Young and the Restless: Mariah Copeland - Tessa Porter

Of course, no secret is safe in the realm of soap operas. The two will likely get caught. Are they ready to face the consequences?

Also, this fall, Abby Newman and Devon Hamilton deal with a family crisis. Meanwhile, Mariah Copeland and Tessa Porter's love is stronger than ever as they do everything they can to help Aria.