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'Y&R' Week Ahead Spoilers (Aug 28 to Sept 1): Diane Saves Ashley – Nikki Takes Over?

Young and the Restless: Diane Jenkins - Ashley Abbott

Sharon Rosales wants to back out. Devon Hamilton offers much-needed support. Sally Spectra takes Nick Newman up on his offer. Victor Newman makes a bold move. Plus, Ashley Abbott sees a different side to Diane Jenkins. Here's a quick look at Young and the Restless week ahead spoilers from August 28 to September 1, 2023.

Young and the Restless: Victor Newman

Young and the Restless: Mariah and Tessa Receive Worrying News

Mariah Copeland and Tessa Porter face a parent's worst nightmare. This week, the couple confirmed that their daughter, Aria, has a hearing problem.

Young and the Restless: Mariah Copeland - Tessa Porter

Young and the Restless week ahead spoilers say Aria's condition is treatable, but there is no cure. Later, Tessa calls Devon Hamilton and gets him to help Mariah.

He offers to answer any questions they may have about Aria's hearing problem. In the past, Devon completely lost his hearing and underwent a cochlear implant to restore it.

Young and the Restless: Devon Hamilton - Mariah Copeland

Sharon Makes a Tough Choice

Sharon Rosales is having second thoughts about joining SNA. Young and the Restless spoilers say she suggests to Nick Newman that they go rogue and run the company by themselves.

Sharon points out that it's probably better not to be associated with Victor or Adam Newman. She notes that her lawyers already looked over the contracts to see if there's a way out of the deal.  Later, she makes a tough decision that could change her future.

Young and the Restless: Sharon Rosales

Sally Takes Nick's Offer

Sally Spectra finally agrees to let Nick Newman fund her business. Young and the Restless spoilers say the redhead takes her boyfriend up on his offer, but she's setting boundaries.

Young and the Restless: Nick Newman - Sally Spectra

Sally makes it clear that she only wants  Nick's investment and not a business partner. She notes that if she has to answer to him, then there's no deal.

Meanwhile, Adam Newman warns Sally about his brother. He thinks it's a mistake and that Nick has a trait similar to Victor Newman. He'll pretend that he's hands-off but ultimately won't be able to resist.

Young and the Restless: Adam Newman - Sally Spectra

Young and the Restless: Nikki Takes Charge

Also, this week, Victor Newman shocks everyone with his announcement. Young and the Restless spoilers say The Mustache feels like there's no hope for SNA Media, especially with Nick, Adam, and Sharon struggling to work together.

Victor decides to appoint Nikki Newman as the sole CEO of Newman Media. He believes his wife is the best person for the job. 

Nikki's new position will shake things up not only within the family but in the business world as well. And it seems she's already making some big moves.

Young and the Restless: Nikki Newman

Young and the Restless spoilers say Nikki gives Audra Charles a risky assignment. Will she be able to pull it off?

Meanwhile, with the unexpected changes in the company, Nate Hastings fights for his place at Newman. Is he on the verge of losing everything?

Young and the Restless: Nate Hastings

Adam Out for Revenge

Adam Newman prepares for revenge yet again. The black sheep son of Victor Newman will likely not be happy about Nikki's appointment.

Adam has his eyes set on Newman Media for a long time. Now that Nikki's in charge, his chance of taking over the company may have dramatically decreased.

Young and the Restless: Adam Newman

Young and the Restless: Diane's Heroic Act Moves Ashley

Ashley Abbott seems to have changed her mind about Diane Jenkins. Young and the Restless spoilers say the two share a life-changing moment that could potentially end their decades-long feud.

Ashley dines at Society and chokes on a piece of fruit. Diane didn't hesitate and rushed to her rescue, much to Ashley's surprise. Spoilers say this will forever change the dynamics of their relationship.

Young and the Restless: Diane Jenkins - Ashley Abbott

Meanwhile, Jack and Ashley call yet another truce. Will this be any different from the last?

On the other hand, tension brews between Jack and Billy, thanks to Tucker McCall. Will their fake feud become a reality?

Young and the Restless: Tucker McCall

Young and the Restless Early Editions Spoilers (September 4 to 8, 2023):

Victor sets limits with Victoria.

Lily reconnects with Billy.

Nikki takes on a new role.

Phyllis plays a matchmaker.