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Twice Drops 'Time To Twice' Final Episode With an Unexpected Twist

Twice just released the last episode for their reality game show Time to Twice and The Chocolate Factory. The previous episodes showed hilarious moments between the three teams. Most of them struggled over the course of the game show.

The last episode ended with Team Yellow and Team Blue leading the game. Meanwhile, Team Red led by Dahyun and Momo, struggled throughout the episode. However, Chaeyoung from Team Blue did one of the most unexpected twists throughout their time on Time To Twice game shows.

Time To Twice Episode 4 Features the Girls Fighting To Become the Factory Master

The fourth episode of Time to Twice and The Chocolate Factory features some intense battles between the three teams. Apparently, Team Blue and Team Yellow start hiding their chocolates individually to keep them being broken by other players. Meanwhile, Team Red's Dahyun said that she won't let anyone win even if they already lost.

Later in the game, the girls start to lose their trust in one another as the battle intensifies. All of the girls wanted to be the Factory Master and received the ultimate gift which was kept secret until there's only one left. Chaeyoung hid her chocolate under the air conditioner. Meanwhile, Tzuyu did a great job of hiding her chocolate in layers of towels.

However, the girls kept checking their chocolates from time to time which led to some figuring out where they hid them.

Twice: Tzuyu - Chaeyoung - Nayeon

Tzuyu and Nayeon trying to find Chaeyoung's chocolate. Pic Credit: TWICE/YouTube

No One Is Safe From the Ambitious Sisters

Throughout the last episode of Time to Twice and The Chocolate Factory, Team Yellow's Jihyo and Nayeoncan be seen trying their best to win the game. Apparently, the two are widely known as "Ambitious Sisters", and pairing them together is a very dangerous idea. However, everything went sideways for Team Yellow after they knew that the game was a free-for-all in the end.

Jihyo and Nayeonstart forcefully searching each of their girls, making them laugh and terrified at the same time. However, later in the game, Jihyo, and Nayeon decided to turn against each other as they knew that they're the best players in the game.

Twice: Nayeon - Jihyo - Sana

Nayeon and Jihyo chasing Sana. Pic Credit: TWICE/YouTube

Time To Twice Episode 4 Chaeyoung Did an Unexpected Twist

The girls are trying their best to win the game in the final episode of Time to Twice and The Chocolate Factory. However, the game gets very intense in the final moments as Mina, Nayeon, Jihyo, and Tzuyu were the only ones left. The four ended up going back and forth near where they hid their chocolates to make sure it's safe.

Meanwhile, the officials announced that players must go and get their chocolate without anyone breaking it to win the game. Tzuyu tried to get her chocolate first. However, due to excitement, she ended up breaking her own chocolate.

Chaeyoung also went mad after someone broke her chocolate. Meanwhile, Mina, Nayeon, and Jihyo realized that their chocolates were missing. After that, Chaeyoung suddenly brought the three's chocolates and broke all of them, leaving no winners in the game.

The girls ended up just looking at the rewards that someone could've received, and it was a shoot for a commercial.

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