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'The Family Chantel': Nicole and Coraima BFFs No More?

The Family Chantel may be off the air for now, but that doesn't stop the drama between its cast members. Last week, Pedro Jimeno returned to Instagram for an intriguing update with Coraima Morla.

His sister, Nicole Jimeno, quickly jumped to the comments section with eyebrow-raising remarks. What's going on between the trio?

The Family Chantel: Nicole Jimeno - Coraima Morla

Image Credit: TLC

The Family Chantel: Pedro Reunites With Coraima?

Pedro Jimeno and Coraima Morla prove they're still good friends, even off camera. The Family Chantel stars posed for a photo during a sweet reunion last week.

Pedro shared the snap on his Instagram, which drew mixed reactions from fans. "So glad to reconnect with old friends," he captioned the post.

It's unclear if the brief get-together was in the Dominican Republic. Meanwhile, The Family Chantel fans were surprised to see the two together again.

The Family Chantel: Pedro Jimeno - Coraima Morla

Image Credit: Pedro Jimeno/Instagram

While some were happy with Pedro and Coraima's surprise reunion, others were more critical of it. It didn't take long for some to ask whether the two were finally an item.

It's no secret that Pedro Jimeno and Coraima Morla have been linked in the past. Their closeness even became an issue for Chantel Everett. Not to mention Nicole Jimeno's claims that the two slept together.

However, Coraima clarified the real score between her and Pedro. She pointed out that she's just friends with The Family Chantel celeb.

The Family Chantel: Coraima Morla

Image Credit: Coraima Morla/Instagram

Nicole Jimeno Throws Shade at Coraima Morla?

Pedro Jimeno and Coraima Morla's apparent closeness didn't go unnoticed by Nicole Jimeno. Given her history with Coraima, one would think she'll be delighted to see her with Pedro.

However, that is not the case at all. The Family Chantel star made it very clear that she's not pleased to see Coraima with her brother.

In a series of comments, Nicole threw shade at Coraima, who many thought was her best friend. It seems there's bad blood between the two lately and Nicole is not ashamed to show it.

The Family Chantel: Nicole Jimeno

Image Credit: Nicole Jimeno/Instagram

The Family Chantel: Is There Bad Blood Between Them?

In one of her remarks, Nicole Jimeno seemingly hinted that Coraima Morla betrayed her. "After Jesus…I had never seen a photo with Judas!" she mocked Pedro Jimeno's post.

The former beauty queen also answered some questions from fans, hinting that there is indeed trouble between her and Coraima. When asked if she's no longer friends with her, Nicole's answer was quite direct.

The Family Chantel: Nicole Jimeno - Coraima Morla

Image Credit: TLC

"Thank God!! I prayed to him to deliver me from fake friends, and he answered me." The Family Chantel star also reiterated that Coraima is "definitely not the right woman" for Perdro.

It's unclear what exactly is the cause of Nicole Jimeno and Coraima Morla's apparent feud.