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'The Family Chantel': Angenette and Royal Welcome Baby Boy

The Family Chantel stars Angenette and Royal Everett are now officially parents. The couple recently welcomed their first child after almost a year of marriage.

The Family Chantel: Angenette Everett Gives Birth

Angenette Everett and her husband, Royal Everett, just got the best Christmas present — a healthy baby boy. The Family Chantel couple finally welcomed their son this week, much to their family and fans' delight.

Angenette took to her Instagram Stories and shared a short clip of herself cuddling her baby boy wrapped in a blanket. The first-time mom appeared to be in a hospital bed, looking quite happy to hold her son.

Prior to sharing a glimpse of her baby, Angenette Everett teased about going into labor. The Family Chantel star posted a video taken from her hospital room, showing her husband, Royal Everett, patiently waiting for their baby's arrival.

The Family Chantel: Angenette Everett - Royal Everett

Pic credit: Angenette Everett/Instagram

Angenette and Royal Everett Embrace Parenthood

Angenette Everett definitely looks glowing before and after giving birth. The Family Chantel celeb embraces everything about motherhood, including the changes in her body.

The same goes for Royal Everett. The first-time dad has been extra hands-on preparing for his son's arrival. The older brother of Chantel Everett showcased his fatherly side when he eagerly prepared his son's stuff ahead of his arrival.

The Family Chantel dad also attended to his wife's needs despite his busy schedule. Last month, Angenette gushed at Royal for lovingly massaging her swollen feet. This is definitely a side of him that viewers haven't seen on TV or social media often.

The Family Chantel: Angenette Everett

Pic credit: Angenette Everett/Instagram

The Family Chantel Couple Begins Family Life

So far, Royal and Angenette Everett have yet to reveal the name of their baby boy. The Famil Chantel couple has yet to officially announce their son's birth either.

Fans are now looking forward to knowing more about their child. It's unclear if Angenette and Royal will introduce him to their followers on social media. Both parents have yet to post anything about him except that one short clip.

It seems The Family Chantel couple is eager to keep their son away from the limelight — at least for now. Angenette and Royal Everett likely want to enjoy the special moment privately, which is quite understandable.

Angenette and Royal Everett last appeared on TV during the show's second season. The couple skipped the latest installment of the spinoff, probably to focus more on their family life.

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