The Family Chantel: Nicole Jimeno - Alejandro Padron
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'The Family Chantel': Alejandro Ups His Game – Shows Nicole What She's Missing?

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The Family Chantel star Alejandro Padron is not letting his rumored split from Nicole Jimeno get in the way of his personal growth. The TLC star upped his game recently, seemingly showing his former flame what she's missing.

While Nicole is busy prepping for her upcoming pageant, Alejandro has his hands full, making positive changes in his life.

The Family Chantel: Alejandro Padron Levels Up After Nicole Jimeno Split

 Looks like Alejandro Padron is thriving after his supposed split from Nicole Jimeno. The Family Chantel cast member is living his best life in New York, hitting new milestones left and right.

Alejandro took to Instagram recently and shared some updates about his life lately. The perfume business owner revealed he had finally completed his degree in software engineering.

The ex-boyfriend of Nicole Jimeno shared photos of himself in his graduation cap and gown. "I made it halfway through," Alejandro Padron captioned one of the posts.

It seems Alejandro is ready to utilize what he learned and make some money. The Dominican Republic native said he couldn't wait to "hustle that money."

The Family Chantel: Alejandro Padron
Pic credit: Alejandro Padron/Instagram

Is Nicole Missing Out?

Alejandro Padron's latest achievement seems to be the perfect clap back at Nicole Jimeno's mother, Lidia. The Family Chantel star infamously belittled her daughter's boyfriend for his job as a phone store manager and part-time bartender.

Lidia Jimeno strongly believes that Alejandro is not the right man for her daughter. She even called him an "opportunist" for pursuing Nicole. 

The Family Chantel mom also reiterated that she sacrificed a lot of things so that Nicole Jimeno could attend university and meet someone better.

It seems Alejandro Padron wants to prove Lidia Jimeno wrong. He decided to change career and worked hard to be good at it. Now, Alejandro finally completed his degree, ready to pursue a brighter future.

The Family Chantel: Nicole Jimeno - Alejandro Padron
Pic credit: Nicole Jimeno/Instagram

The Family Chantel: Nicole Unbothered by Alejandro's Success?

Many are convinced that Alejandro Padron wants to show Nicole Jimeno what she's missing now that they allegedly parted ways. The Family Chantel star has been flaunting his latest achievement on social media for everyone to see.

But Nicole doesn't seem bothered by Alejandro's posts. The sibling of Pedro Jimeno has made no mention of him on her page at all.

Nicole Jimeno is also busy doing her own thing. The Family Chantel celeb is competing for Miss Universe Dominican Republic 2021. She's also busy with her career in the corporate world.

For now, Nicole and Alejandro have yet to personally speak out about their rumored split. Fans will have to stay tuned with The Family Chantel and see how things unfold between them. Check back with Showbiz Army for more updates.

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