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'The Adam Project' Screenwriter Teases New Details on Ryan Reynolds's Time Travel Movie on Netflix

Ryan Reynolds is set to star in a movie that features time traveling once again. This time around, he will take on a role for the upcoming Netflix film, The Adam Project. The movie's screenwriter, Jonathan Tropper, recently shared new and interesting details about the film.

The Adam Project Screenwriter Shares New Details

According to The Adam Project screenwriter Jonathan Tropper, the movie itself is not going to be a full-on hardcore sci-fi film. And while it's true that it will involve time traveling, it's not going to be the focal point of the story.

Tropper revealed that it will focus more on the characters and their development throughout the film. He said there are a lot of things to look forward to in the film, especially Reynolds' character.

It seems Tropper is impressed with the actor's acting skills and work ethic. He said working with Reynolds in The Adam Project has been a very good experience.

Tropper said Reynolds worked very on the set and put a lot of effort into the script. "He's very sharp-witted and his wit is very specific," he added.

The Adam Project Ryan Reynolds

Scenes from the upcoming movie The Adam Project. Pic Credit: @vancityreynolds/Instagram

What To Expect in the Upcoming Film?

The Adam Project is one of the most highly anticipated movies coming to Netflix. It's a time-traveling movie starring Ryan Reynolds, who's known for his role in the superhero movie Deadpool. According to reports, Reynolds will play the role of the man who traveled back in time to team up with his younger self.

Together, they will try to find their father played by Mark Ruffalo, who has the information to save the world. Reynolds also shared a couple of photos from the film, where he and his father (Ruffalo) walks in front of a heavily-damaged car.

The Adam Project Ryan Reynolds Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo and Ryan Reynolds in The Adam Project. Pic Credit: @vancityreynolds/Instagram

The Adam Project Release Date

At this point, there's no exact release date for The Adam Project. However, it's expected to drop on Netflix later this year or early 2022. Meanwhile, Jonathan Tropper has high hopes for the movie.

Tropper revealed that he's been working on the movie for eight years. Tropper's upcoming film is definitely one of the most anticipated movies on Netflix. And with an increase in the number of streamers due to the pandemic, it's expected to be a sure hit.

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