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'Sister Wives': Robyn Brown Opens Up About Past Marriage

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown opened up about her painful past marriage. The wife of Kody Brown revealed how it made her more cautious today.

Robyn also talked about the communication style they have in their polygamous family. Apparently, Kody's wives struggle to express their thoughts, especially amid the ongoing pandemic.

Sister Wives: Robyn and Janelle Discuss Struggles With Communication

During the latest episode of Sister Wives, Robyn Brown and Janelle Brown sat down to discuss their family's way of communication amid their COVID-19 struggles. Robyn admitted that she feels like having a stomachae whenever the five of them had a long conversation.

The TLC star also admitted that the pandemic magnified their communication issues. Meanwhile, Janelle pointed out that Robyn tends to be quiet during group discussions.

The Sister Wives cast member said she's not voicing out her thoughts that much, which somehow concerns her. In her defense, Robyn said she only wanted to be more cautious about what she's going to say. Janelle advised Robyn to speak up more as her voice also matters in their plural family.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Janelle Brown - Kody Brown - Christine Brown - Meri Brown

Kody Brown with his four wives. Pic Credit: @robyn_browns_nest/Instagram

Robyn Opens Up About Her Past Marriage

Looks like Robyn Brown's past marriage made her more cautious about her current situation. The Sister Wives star revealed that she experienced a lot of fighting and pain in the past. These very reasons prompted her to be patient and careful with her polygamous family.

And it seems  to work well for her. Robyn gushed about her marriage to Kody Brown and how they barely have any fights in the last decade.

This may not be surprising to many because Robyn has always been dubbed as Kody's "favorite wife." Some even think she's one of the main reasons why the other Sister Wives are getting jealous.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown

Robyn Brown opens up about her past marriage Pic Credit: @robyn_browns_nest/Instagram

Sister Wives: Does Robyn Want To Have More Kids?

The recent episode of Sister Wives also showed Kody and Robyn Brown discussing the possibility of having another child. Robyn said she's still not done with having kids. She even told Kody that she had a vision of a little boy in her dreams, suggesting that it's a sign to have another kid.

However, Kody doesn't seem to be on the same page with Robyn. He pointed out that their daughter Ariella is still young and has been keeping them up at night. It'll be interesting to see if he will still feel the same in a few years time.

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