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'Sister Wives': Robyn Brown 'Baby Hungry'? Wants More Kids With Kody Brown

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown seems to have baby fever. In an episode of the show, she discussed with Kody Brown her eagerness to have another child in the future.

Apparently, Robyn thinks her "biological clock" is ticking and that Kody must decide as soon as possible. But it seems the polygamous husband is not ready for another child just yet. How will this affect their marriage?

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Wants Another Baby With Kody Brown

Looks like Robyn Brown is eager to have another child with Kody Brown. The Sister Wives star had a heart-to-heart talk with her husband and expressed her desire for another baby.

Robyn admitted that there were times she considered herself "baby hungry" because of her eagerness to have another kid. However, in the past, Robyn and Kody decided that they're not going to have another child.

Now, it seems the Sister Wives star has a change of heart. Robyn said she's unsure if she's really done having kids. She even told Kody about her biological clock and how she's in a race with time at this point.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown

Kody Not Sure if He Wants More Kids

But Kody Brown doesn't seem to grasp what Robyn Brown said. The Sister Wives star said he's completely caught in a conundrum after hearing his wife's plans of having another child.

Kody pointed out that he's been having kids for 26 years and he did enjoy all of it. However, he's unsure about having another one, especially since they have their hands full with their little daughter Ariella.

The Sister Wives celeb added that his daughter is still very young and keeps them up at night. It seems Kody wants to wait a bit longer before trying for another child.

But he knows that Robyn is not getting any younger. In the end, he's left with a big decision to make, adding that dealing with Robyn and her supposed baby fever is a "mental exhaustion" for him.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Ariella

Sister Wives: Robyn Says She Had a Vision of a Little Boy

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown opened up about having a vision of a baby boy in her dreams, which she took seriously. According to her, she saw a little dark-haired boy in her dreams. Robyn also believes that she's supposed to do something to find answers to her dreams.

She said that they're supposed to adopt the kid in her dreams. However, adoption is something that Kody and his wives don't practice. Robyn's dream is also one of the main reasons why she seemed pressured into having another kid with Kody.

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